B&M Home Store
Radford Boulevard Castle Retail Park, Unit 1A-1B, NG7 5QJ, United Kingdom
Review №1

This store is amazing! They sell anything you can think of. Sweets, Tea, Clocks, Drawings and they even sell frozen food. The list is endless. Whenever I have been in need, B&M has always been there. I have recently bought a colour changing light from there as well as board pins. Their ready meals are very salty but nothings perfect.

Review №2

Shop is good with prices but this SANITIZER is the worst sanitizer in uk. Doest dry quick and sticky after dried. Dont buy this

Review №3

The staff is friendly and helpful and you can always find the things you wouldn't expect you desperately need. The only thing which makes it bad is the main corridor which you can't avoid because you need to go through it when you've just entered the store. If you want to take a look around and see different things you want to buy from the main carridor at the entrance you end up finding it crowded especially when so many people just enter the store. This also ruins social distancing in some way. But other than that this store is one of my favourites

Review №4

The products and staff at the store are fine. The main problem is the layout, it's too long and takes you around the perimeter of the store, instead of giving the customer the choice of where to go to get their item directly. I suffer from chronic back pain and having to take the long way around to get a product, when I can see the item next to the cashier's till is frustrating!Also, sadly being harassed by beggars is a problem, not only with B&M but with other stores at the Castle Retail Park. I know times are hard, but it does make the shopping experience less enjoyable. Customers are made to feel very guilty by the groups of beggars that constantly harass them and camp outside the shop fronts. Perhaps, inviting a local homeless charity to deal with this problem would help. People would feel more comfortable giving money and it eliviate some of the problems the homeless are going through.Thanks

Review №5

Good loved the monkey

Review №6

Very friendly store... originally had good covid safety measures which now sadly seen to have been shelved. Can always find what I'm looking for, good garden selection has now given way to a good Christmas selection!

Review №7

The stock in the store is OK, what you would expect in a B&M store. My issue was it was a warm day and there was no cooling down in the store. I came out after 20 minutes absolutely dripping with sweat. This made it a very unpleasant shopping experience. B&M need to get A/C sorted, and soon

Review №8

Very nice store, decent staff. We need more of these stores in the greedy world we live in today.

Review №9

The staff are friendly and the place is always neat and tidy.It is always uncomfortably warm, but i like the staff and the store itself so dont let that stop you. :)

Review №10

This b n m store has everything u need from housewares to garden to food. U can get every thing u need really and the items for decorating also is good.

Review №11

Looking for cream peroxide to bleach my hair during quarantine (you know how it is). There didn't seem to be any in the store. So we asked a store member for help. He didn't seem to be aware of what we wanted, but his colleague, understood and lead us back to the same aisle. Then reccomended a chemist that did have the product we needed, upon seeing there was none in stock. She was really polite and friendly.

Review №12

I got a little handheld drill for £9.99 it's great for my arts and crafts.

Review №13

It is what it is, great prices, friendly helpful staff

Review №14

People in the store, not got mask or wearing them under there nose lol

Review №15

It's a rather large B&M. You are crazy if you think you can browse this store in one sweep. I love the variety and stock, but a lot stuff isn't priced, so you're left wondering. Employees aren't really interested in helping you so long as you don't get in their way.There is a single corridor of cheap food items as you enter that is designed to make you more comfortable about spending more on other stuff. Other than that this place is one of my faves.

Review №16

Great store has most things on site and great prices

Review №17

Great products and great prices. Xmas stock has arrived and can shop early across several pay periods

Review №18

Not bad but website will say they have items but when you visit store they don't cheap and cheerful

Review №19

Really hot in summer due to transparent ceiling but warm and lovely in winter to be the items and the spaciousness inbetween

Review №20

Absolutely love this shop. Some really great bargains. Prices of certain things are brilliant.

Review №21

Had a good selection of goods, not too expensive

Review №22

No covid control. Really busy

Review №23

Hi we already have to wear our face masks but there is know air con and know ventilation could not breathe. So not very happy had to go out of the store .my husband had to queue up

Review №24

The best bnm in nottingham!

Review №25

Awful. Empty shelves and unhelpful staff. The shop is actually dirty. Couldn't wait to get out of there.

Review №26

Awful totally gone down hill, no social distancing at the till, lots of people not wearing masks queing too close together, nearly mugged in the car park, lots of beggars about, won't be returning.

Review №27

Apart from the Q to get in the store was very clean great staff and they have almost everything you need under one roof

Review №28

Always leave disappointed. Think it's a covid thing.

Review №29

Massive credit to Lynne on the shop floor. Extremely helpful, even lending me her trolly and opening a till! She needs credit for providing exceptional customer service!

Review №30

Excellent, massive place , lovely Xmas decorations all sorted for Xmas

Review №31

Clean premises, staff very friendly and helpful. Only problem I found some customers were allowed to walk around with face coverings.

Review №32

Big brands cheaper than most other supermarkets.

Review №33

Excellent store. Poor social distancing from some customers, which makes it difficult for those that are trying to do this.

Review №34

Very hot inside store but well stocked and moving smoothly all credit to the staff.

Review №35

Went in for some googley eyes to finish a turtle we made out of a toilet roll tube... B&M don't sell googley eyes though...

Review №36

I brought one of the Gazebos a few weeks back, looks amazing! So chuffed with it

Review №37

It wasn't too cramped, it had loads of things on offer for great price and their staff were very kind. Definitely will come again for my local shopping!

Review №38

I brought ghost buster car toy for my son which stated £5 on the shelve and got to the till didn't see the price on there computer the next day I looked at my receipt and it charged £12.99 for the toy is not worth ovwr £5 and came to the store and they refused to helpthis is terrible service never coming to shop here agian!!!

Review №39

Not as much choice like the one in Netherfield

Review №40

Rude staff no stock empty shelves

Review №41

Prices have risen and to many customers not wearing face coverings

Review №42

Totally amazing love the store.i always get want I need from

Review №43

They have all things which you need, even in this challenging time.

Review №44

Love to have a look around have some lovely home items

Review №45

So I went to the shop to get myself a wardrobe which weighs 29Kg. I go there only to be told the shop isn't doing any deliveries and I'm here wondering how they expect me to carry such a heavy package to my house. It's not like everyone owns a car or drives.

Review №46

Staff were very pleasant and helpful

Review №47

Friendly staff and a good selection of products.

Review №48

Visited as thew times during covid 19 I'm disgusted to find no social distance at no just letting larg groups of people come and go as they please no one is taking control of the group's it's shocking

Review №49

Good all round shop. Sells a bit of everythhong and even sells frozen food as well.

Review №50

Decent range of paint at a fair price

Review №51

Zero enforcement of mask wearing. Over half the shoppers in there weren't.

Review №52

Honestly... service was extremly poor

Review №53

Far too hot on store. Ineffective aircon.

Review №54

Great choice of products and a great price to. Easy to park well worth a visit

Review №55

Got some good bargins

Review №56

To hot in store can not find anything

Review №57

Great place to find a bargain

Review №58

Big shop plenty to choose from

Review №59

Great now we have one near us love the place

Review №60

Didn't have what i wanted

Review №61

Cracking store for a bargain and one of the larger ones. Stocks everything you want and a load of things you didnt know you wanted. Go in with a budget

Review №62

Very good

Review №63

Big B&M store with plenty in!

Review №64

Always have what I want I like this store staff always friendly

Review №65

They didn't have the items I wanted on the day but the manager did his best to find them located elsewhere and order them into the store. Great service.

Review №66

Some great bargains today, Jacob's wooden cheese board and crackers for £1.99 down from 4.99! Their cat toys are great too, my cats LOVE the feather chaser. Also great to see they now also do frozen and fresh foods!

Review №67

This is a Good store to wander round, there are plenty of bargains, unfortunately they didn't have what I was looking for today but was still good to look around, ideal for wheelchair, pushchair ets access

Review №68

Good store

Review №69

Great prices. Loads of bargains. Friendly very helpful staff. They couldn't do enough for us!

Review №70

Wasn't as exciting as nethetfield went for a particular item wasn't in stock 2 items got some satin though reasonable paint prices

Review №71

Good services, good products at good prices.

Review №72

Cheap and plentyful

Review №73

Good place if you need and thing for you home

Review №74

Typical b&m store good deals cheap prices some good bargains plenty of choices ..good range of products from foods to plants.. furniture and paints almost everything you'll need even kitchen sink ..some stuff tat and cheap but most ok'll b sometimes surprised ..

Review №75

Every time that I go into this B and M there seem to be people having a row or some screaming children. That is probably not anything that B and M can control, but is a point worth noting. It is not the cleanest store, but the selection is good - albeit random - and there are good deals on seasonal decor and kitchenware especially. They also have a selection of flat-pack furniture comparable to IKEA, with slightly lower prices. Worth noting if you need a new side table or chair.

Review №76

Decent size store, staff are sometimes a bit offish; get the impression most don't like working here. Shelves pretty well stocked but sometimes lack prices.

Review №77

Only go on if you really have to

Review №78

Great experience lots of choice but find a member of staff for help can be a bit time consuming and with the choice so diverse production knowledge is thin

Review №79

Love this place so cheerful n full of variety

Review №80

Amazingly cheap

Review №81

Love the prices. Wish there was a bit more variety of kids toys and indoor plants.

Review №82

Went to buy some things, when i i went at the till i saw the cashiec doing something and i thought the till was closed. She called me when she some and she was AMAZING! She made my day with her humor and politeness. Thank you

Review №83

A large store with a good selection of stock.

Review №84

One of the biggest B&M shops in Notts.Has everything you need.

Review №85

Went to buy flooring a guy called earl was absolutely fantastic in helping me he was amazing hats off

Review №86

Well organised

Review №87

Bought a drone which stopped flying on the 1st day . Paid over £20 for it. The manager was kind enough to give refund. To every, becareful what you buy.

Review №88

Large store set out well

Review №89

In this store you can find everything what you need. Good prices and product.

Review №90

To hot and to busy. Not all tills open. I don't know how some staff manage to function in that sweat box. Also don't think the staff had the same customer service training as the other local stores. Cheer up.

Review №91

Good range of goods. Nice to browse. Bought things I didn't know I needed . Only downside was not enough till staff during what appeared to be a busy period.

Review №92

Just as the name says, bargains I'm a bargain lady & I did manage to get products that had been reduced.

Review №93

Sells everything for the home at smart pricing.. But don't buy too much on impulse.. Save the planet

Review №94

Great place to get good deals

Review №95

Love b and m's everywhere my favourite shop.

Review №96

Always something you need there good store.

Review №97

Queued for a while but had everything i needed

Review №98

A fantastic discount store which features new and often surprising products each time I go

Review №99

Lots of options and good prices, lacking of customer service otherwise I would give a 5 star for sure

Review №100

Big shop but not as good as the Netherfield one.

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  • Address:Radford Boulevard Castle Retail Park, Unit 1A-1B, NG7 5QJ, United Kingdom
  • Site:
  • Phone:+44 330 838 9484
  • Discount store
  • Flooring store
  • Frozen food store
  • Liquor store
  • Lottery shop
  • Paint store
  • Wallpaper store
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–9pm
  • Tuesday:8am–9pm
  • Wednesday:8am–9pm
  • Thursday:8am–9pm
  • Friday:10am–4pm
  • Saturday:8am–9pm
  • Sunday:8am–9pm
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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