JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Hucknall
Hucknall Industrial Estate, Daniels Way, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 7LL, United Kingdom
Review №1

Really disappointed. Not been for the last year but went today and not nearly half the stock they used to have. Not bad for fireworks but everything else nope. Empty shelves half the warehouse not even in use. Not be in a rush to go back soon for Xmas shopping. Next to no toys and gifts. It used to be so big and well stocked. Not sure what happened?

Review №2

Went in the big JTF warehouse many many years ago.... just the once with someone.Remember looking at lots of things.Given it 3 stars because of that... Not sure what it looks like now. Ill guess you have to go an find out.

Review №3

I've been coming here for Years, they have some Great deals.However recently their shelves have been half empty.Apparently there are New Owners, so hopefully it will get re-stocked properly soon.

Review №4

Very help full on the fireworks counter thanking them for describing the fireworks and what they did boom boom cheers

Review №5

A big thank you to all staff especially Scott Rose for going above and beyond the call of duty with an issue I had with Charles Taylor regarding garden furniture. Scott and the team kindly loaned the use of their garden furniture whilst I was awaiting furniture from Charles Taylor. Thanks again Scott would highly recommend the hucknall branch to anyone.

Review №6

Excellent staff and excellent service and I got what I wanted well worth a visit

Review №7

I have purchased several pieces of furniture over the last few months, the staff Donna and Tracieanne have been amazing in helping me to choose the right products , they were so helpful and patient, they are a credit to the store , the furniture is really good quality, thankyou ladies and thankyou JTF

Review №8

Great place with loads of stock friendly staff even help loading stuff in the car would reccomend a visit

Review №9

Staff where helpful. Not as much in today as I remember - but I assumed this could be due to COVID

Review №10

Plenty of choice but in process of reorganisation i think but still good prices.

Review №11

Shelves almost empty, no social distancing very dissapointed

Review №12

Reduced stock at the moment.I guess because of the virus,But still good.Good access and parking.

Review №13

Excellent service and very helpful and friendly staff. Would highly recommend the place.

Review №14

Never seen place looking do bare if u saw it never believe it usually packed high with stock not even Christmas stuff was appealing.

Review №15

Very friendly staff and good safety measures in place.

Review №16

Was very disappointed empty shelves and same items just put different places in store.

Review №17

I received a little booklet with all the offers in the post so went to my local JTF to buy some items I wanted from the booklet, only to realise they had absolutely nothing in stock. Such a waste of my time and petrol.

Review №18

We enjoyed our visit to JTF ,the staff were very helpful ,I give it 5 stars

Review №19

A very nice young man helped me in the store he was very polite very helpful it's name was Michael thank you

Review №20

Stock levels and choice is appalling. We have been members for years, but since covid it isn't worth the visit.

Review №21

Went for coal for my fire came home with Xmas tree and decorations for my new tree and outside lights could not resist as they were a bargain..

Review №22

Very disappointed not been for a long time not much stock and overpriced.

Review №23

Queued for 10 minutes in the scorching hot sun, got to the door and they told me I can't go in because I'd got my 2 children with me and they can only allow 2 of us in at a time.. Fuming was an understatement!!! Went to Wickes instead who were ever so lovely and let me in with BOTH of my children!!

Review №24

I was well disappointed they have scaled right down on stock and don't do as much variety as before. Looks like they are getting ready to close down.

Review №25

Absolutely amazing service thank you so much. A very happy customer.

Review №26

Great staff, good prices.

Review №27

The staff have the distance rule under control a pleasent shopping trip well done

Review №28

I brought an expensive patio set from here. I got it home and whoever manufactured it had drilled the holes that didn't even align up so the screws would not go through which rendered it useless. I had to pack it all up and return it. Some JTF jobsworth gave me some attitude until he realised he didnt own the company. I then found the exact set on eBay for £150 less!! And it went together perfectly. Most of the stuff you find there you can get cheaper at Wilkos! I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Review №29

It's a little sparse but could be good with more stock.

Review №30

Ordered a Father's Day present in June and it's still not arrived. Had to have a refund now as it was a summer gift. Don't trust this company. Customer service don't matter !!!

Review №31

Not a great amount of stock but they did have what i wanted

Review №32

Good quality good prices friendly helpfulllStaff and very good parking

Review №33

The place looked empty no stock

Review №34

Refused entry with my husband and baby because there policy is two people at a time. Beyond rude about it as well, seams they are doing well at loosing customers at the minute. Emailed to complain and have been ignored, shocking customer service.

Review №35

Not as good as it was when I last went.

Review №36

Yeah all good

Review №37

Lots of empty shelves. Stock very low

Review №38

Well organised, stock improving daily

Review №39

Went for food but they only sell sweets and booze. Binned the card.

Review №40

My partner and I were so pleased with the service from JTF. After making a purchase the day before, an item we bought went on sale. When delivering the item staff (Scott & Kev) at JTF made us aware of the lower price and offered to refund the difference. This saved us a lot of money and we really appreciate the honesty and commitment JTF have to their customers. Thanks to all the staff who helped.

Review №41

This place has all manner of things great place for Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Review №42

The staff are friendly but there was very little choice available when we visited (might had just been bad timing). I was expecting a lot more, so I wouldn't go out of my way to return anytime soon.

Review №43

Clearly a reduced stock due to the pandemic but social distancing measures being managed excellently.

Review №44

Shelves were bare, very disappointed with our visit.

Review №45

Getting very expensive.

Review №46

Very well Organised

Review №47

Discriminate against people with disabilities.!Wouldn't let 3 of us in even though I explained I was there as a carer, yet they let 4 of us 2 days before. I suppose if your face doesnt fit.

Review №48

Shop empty

Review №49

No fully stocked shelfs

Review №50

Just came today with my wife and 2 kids, my wife went in first with my daughter and I went in after with my son separate but I told you we were a family so you refused us even though we went in separate, wot a joke of a company you and your staff are!

Review №51

Didn't have what i required.

Review №52

Just been in empty shelves lowered shelves and just nothing they used to sell available anymore.Looks to me like a shop ready to close down.Another couple of shoppers said the same and like us left with nothing .

Review №53

Good selection and prices

Review №54

Not much stock at the moment

Review №55

Always good value

Review №56

Poor stock at present

Review №57

Very nice clean place the staff are very nice and pleasant and polite is reasonable prices and if you have got a blue line card or ex-army card you get an extra 10% off your shopping when you go to the checkouts and they have got very cheap stuff in there are which is good like lynx at 83 p and hand wash and bleach at that same price

Review №58

Very helpful Love J T F

Review №59

Staff are ignorent just seem to be more intressted in having a laugh with each other..seen two members of staff picking on a younger member of staff then laughing about it after. Terrible will never go there again

Review №60

Until you pay your workers that you made redundant I won't be shopping there

Review №61

Poor stock levels

Review №62

Not much there to see

Review №63

Not worth going at moment shelves are empty

Review №64

Work related

Review №65

Reasonable prices and friendly staff

Review №66

Quality stuff! Prices high cus its a Wholesale people, buy in bulk! Work it out with shop prices. You save about 50% per case on most items. Ignore the morons who can't count. Great place.

Review №67

Not much on the shelfs

Review №68

Not that much in

Review №69

Used to be good a few years ago but prices have gone up and when you add the VAT why bother ?

Review №70

Very expensive i didnt see one bargain used to be good wont be going again. And the vat thing you do cheaper elswere before your vat

Review №71

Very little in stock

Review №72

My fav shop, visit every week.

Review №73

Got nothing

Review №74

Jtf hucknall just replaced a table excellent service fantastic staff no trouble changing table. The one we now have is perfect thank you all the staff involved. X

Review №75

No good

Review №76

Its a good place for furniture'diy tools,paint, gardening stuff. .its pretty busy at the weekends and the staff are friendly and helpful a high rating from me.....ive found many many great bargins and useful stuff need a membership card that you get from front counter and its totally free to get one.worth a visit id say.

Review №77

Great place if you like to buy in bulk but also buying just that single item the store covers a lot of things

Review №78

Great cash and carry. Friendly and helpful staff. Free membership for both public and businesses.

Review №79

I love this place, it's got everything. Good quality too at competative prices.

Review №80

This was my 1st visit but will defo come again to have a better look round

Review №81

Always a pleasure great prices and never come out without a trolley full

Review №82

Great products at great prices. Always good for a bargain but the quality is there too

Review №83

Always spends lots more money than I intend .think it's the fact the vat added after and a big range of things to buy x

Review №84

Interesting place sells most things and I always buy something

Review №85

Really good wholesale store that unlike most stores clearly marks out the price including VAT and which items are completely VAT free also and JTF is all round fair price with a wide selection of items.

Review №86

A lot of product at good prices - don't forget to calculate VAT while walking around.

Review №87

Nice for home goods diy ECTToiletsFree car parkingSadly there's No longer a cafe.Staff are friendly.Card holders only .Friendly staff

Review №88

Used to be the place to go for bargains but not so in recent times. Big warehouse type of store that can lull many into thinking they have a bargain, but added tax is in small letters and usually exceed store prices so not many bargains to be had. Some items a good buy though but lots of pound shop type of tat which puts me off.

Review №89

Can find same good bargains.dont forget the vat is added at the till. thats 20 pence in every pound .samethings tern out to be expensive

Review №90

Great layout great consistent prices with a large selection of items all under one roof.

Review №91

Jtf is awesome for getting household items in a reasonable quantity at a reasonable price! For many things I prefer it to costco as you get the same value but you don't have to buy as much. Membership is required but is free

Review №92

By the time you add VAT most of the prices are the same as elsewhere. A very prisonesque check out process and long delays for price checks makes for an unsatisfactory experience overall. Having said that the is a broad selection of different goods, furniture, garden wares, food and toiletries. Overall a mediocre experience but it never pretends to be anything else which is fair enough.

Review №93

JTF sells things from beauty products to diy materials, garden equipment to toys, furniture to shoes and clothes. I would recommend a visit.

Review №94

Love jtf , great bargains, love going for a nosey round, friendly welcoming staff

Review №95

Don't bother going it's not cheap you have 20% extra at the checkout on top and it works out dearer than other shops. I'm shocked places like this still exist like Collins cash and carry that's the same . Not very clean either

Review №96

Not Much cheeper than shops some things dearer than shops should have vat on price you see but that's how they get you you think you have a bargain but hmm

Review №97

Great selection of goods, well laid out, easy to get to and park. Need more Checkouts.......

Review №98

I am a courier , i recently purchased off ebay . The best but cheapest foldaway sack truck for my courier work £57.95 +P&P in total about £65.00 ....When i got introduced to JTF MEGA DISCOUNT ... I couldnt believe my eyes , i was totally dumfounded the same said fold away stack truck £14.99 ...DONT MISS JTF MEGA DISCOUNT AT HUCKNALL ...ESPECIALLY ALL YOU COURIER DRIVERS / DELIVERY DRIVERS 100% A MUST FOR XMAS ......

Review №99

Don't bother

Review №100

Good discounts... If you don't have to pay VAT that is!

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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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