Tires Plus
5200 W Sample Rd, Margate, FL 33073, United States
Review №1

My boyfriend needed an oil change for like a week or so and finally decided to take care of it. Johnathan had instructed him to make his way to the location before 6 pm and it would be taken care of. We made it there and Johnathan and his Tech Randy took care of the oil change quite professionally and efficiently in a short time. The service isn't usually as quick but I'm glad Johnathan took care of him so fast as we had other errands to run. Highly recommend this location as well as Johnathan. Amazing job!

Review №2

The Service Advisor and who I would assume to be in charge of the shift, Johnathan took care of me in the best way possible when I needed an oil change on my Chevy Cruze. I popped in towards the end of the day at around 5:30 and needed it handled. Johnathan reassured me that it would be quicker than usual and handled it expeditiously. I am very proud to say I will be coming back to this Tires Plus for anything I need in regards to my vehicle. Thank you Johnathan and his Technician on staff Randy as well. The both of you are excellent.

Review №3

This review is for Shawn/Sean. I was at the gas station directly across from Tires Plus vacuuming out my car when my battery went dead. I had to run over and ask for a jump start. I was so appreciative of Sean because he did it for me without complaint within seconds. Most ppl these days are greedy and unethical. They would've wanted to charge a woman in distress just for a quick jumpstart, but Sean did it for me simply out of the kindness of his heart instead of taking advantageof my situation. So much appreciated!

Review №4

I was there at 7 am when they were supposed to open, no one showed up until 7:25 to open the store. I was told they had to order the tire i needed and it should be there about 9:30 or 10 am and they would call me. Fast forward to 1:30 pm and i call them and wouldnt you know my tire just arrived minutes earlier. They also said it would only take 1/2 hr since its only 1 tire. 1 hr and 15 min later it was finally done. So i was at the store 10 min before they were supposed to open so it wouldnt take up my whole day and yet it did..

Review №5

Staff easy to work with pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable and excepts competitor's coupons.

Review №6

Managers Jonathan & Sean were great in listening and answering my questions; and providing the services I needed...

Review №7

Woke up with a flat tire. My husband jacked the car up and got the flat off. Took it right up the road to this location to just buy a tire. He was told that he can't “just buy a tire”, they are only selling them with service. Well, we need the tire, so go ahead. Only to find out they didn't even put the tire on! My husband brought it home and put it on himself! We were still charged the service fee. What a wonderful way to do business during a pandemic when people are strapped for funds. Wish I could say this was the first time I've had issues with this location, but it's not. Please know that if it weren't for the fact that we are in a pandemic, we would never have gone to this location. And we will not return under ANY circumstance. I hope that extra $40 goes to the employees so they can take care of their bills.

Review №8

Had a minor emergency they were busy but helped me out right away. Jonathan and Pierre are wonderful. This location is a little far from where I live, but I will do the drive for sure

Review №9

I love to bring my car here for service Sean and Jonathan are very thorough friendly and efficient I do not feel like they are tucking me into anything or trying to get me to spend more money than I need to I feel very comfortable I hope you enjoy your experience

Review №10

Had a great experience with this shop. The store manager Shawn was awesome and handled my car no problem. Tray the technician was friendly and personable...will definitely come here for all my car needs since they make it easy no hassle and quick.

Review №11

Dude told me I couldn't change my tire unless I get 4 new ones lol. Don't come here at all if u need help with your “tires”

Review №12

I've been a customer for 22yrs and reserve further comments publicly

Review №13

Great service! I have taken my car here several times and have been very satisfied with their service. They are honest, friendly and efficient. Mario, the manager and the staff are really nice!

Review №14

I brought my car to have an oil change because my dealership kept over tightening my oil filter and plug. I told Tires Plus this. I want to do my own oil. I just had them do it that last time because I didn't have any more time to waste (long story). They over tightened the filter and plug too! And then after I brought it in to have them loosen it, they charged me $10.79 to fix their mistake. Hope that was worth losing a previously loyal customer over.

Review №15

I bought my truck for oil change and tire rotation and alignment . I went back to tell them valve caps we're missing on 2 wheels and the wrong. One on other. The. Guy told me that they only have black ones my were chrome.Thats not right they should got me new ones or found mine. Very bad service and bad customer service by really not caring.

Review №16

I have been servicing my two vehicles at this location for several years. The work is always done on time, the service writers always explain everything clearly and keep me up to date on the progress of the work. The auto tech who services my cars is terrific. His name is Rohan. He is a brilliant technician.

Review №17

Great staff, They are great with setting appointments and actually being ready for you when you arrive. The prices are also very competitive. Ive been bringing both my cars here for a year now.

Review №18

Love Tire plus . I used to shop at Tire Kingdom. Since 2006 I been coming to Tire Plus for alignment. 1st with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.(no one could do the alignment like they do). Now with the Super Duty F350. Nissan Versa and Ford Mustang. The manager here Scott is great .The service tech is awesome.I would recommend to visit them ,you will like it very much.

Review №19

Horrible service manager. They try to take every dime they can get out of you. Required a diagnostic payment to replace an alternator that was under warranty. Total scam artists! Avoid this location like the plague. I went to this location with friends that they were trying to scam. Luckily for them I know a bit about cars. They would have paid for unnecessary things. I read about locations to avoid. Add this one to the list. If I could give " *0* " stars, they would have gotten that.

Review №20

I have been going to this location at least 25 plus years. There is a new manager by the name of Mario and it is because of the way he conducts business is the reason I will not return. Recently, I had an oil change done. My check engine light came on. I called Tires Plus and was advised by Mario to bring it back. He would try and find out why. He did a test with his computer and told me that I could possibly have an electrical problem with my car. I didn't trust his answer so I took it to the dealer who found that a part had not been properly snapped back into place. They snapped it back into place and my check engine lite problem resolved. Every time he sees me its like we have never met. He's impersonal and arrogant. I feel his only reason to be there is to "up" the numbers of the store. I do not trust him and I will not be back.

Review №21

Mario and his staff are great! I came in on a busy Sunday without an appointment, and all of my needs were accommodated in a timely fashion. Thank you guys for the service!

Review №22

Honest and straight forward! Just exactly what you need when taking care of your car needs.

Review №23

Service and professionalism the way it used to be. The gentleman at this location are truly professionals.

Review №24

No gimmicks, straight honest, professional sales associate and technicians. Drawback, a little pricey but the quality of work and satisfaction is worth it!

Review №25

Decent prices & good customer service.

Review №26

Made me wait 3 hours to change 2 tires. And didn't even change the tires.

Review №27

Very attentive when did a good job

Review №28

Extremely nice gentleman and very professional! Helped me in my time of need of needing a tire and oil change extremely fast and they got in done no questions asked! Thank you so much Joe and staff!!!! I will be back and recommend everyone !!

Review №29

Service on time and complete as promised. No hassles. Thank you

Review №30

I'm giving them 5 stars,There was a big screw up regarding the work that had to be donr,The manager handled the fire I threw at him and took care of everything, They do great work.We bin going their since it opened.

Review №31

Nice and quick place to get oil change and great prices on tires

Review №32

Prices was better than the dealer thanks for a smooth job on my 2019 Lexus NX .

Review №33

Incredibly honest and caring. My Jeep started making horrible noises so took it over to Joe and his techs without an appointment and was treated with patience and respect. Incredible customer experience. I am proud to refer to any of you. Great staff and so thankful for their insights and honesty.

Review №34

Decent wait time, good service.

Review №35

New found love for a service center. Right in budget and great explanation of what I need and can come back and finish serving.

Review №36

DO NOT take your car there! The place is run by a low-life scumbag by the name of "Steve". He will dramatically lie to your face about how damaged your vehicle is to try to screw out of every cent possible. He'll purposely delay fixing your car and claim that more parts MUST be ordered or else your car will not start. Took my PT CRUISER there for a simple oil change less than two months ago and ended up having the entire cylinder head replaced, near $3,000 in total costs. Got my car back and the A/C and washer fluid sprayer were not working. Now my transmission is acting up. One of goons on staff there, Lenny, is extremely rude and disrespectful. Very poor quality service. This place is NOT WORTH spending your hard-earned money. Either the management must be replaced or this location should be shut down. Heed my advice, NO EVEN WORTH CONSIDERING TAKING YOUR CAR THERE.

Review №37

Got thier 545pm last Thursday to get an change..Guy at the counter says he can't do it only 1 worker. Waste of my time.

Review №38

I'll never recommend tire plus. I called needing a service for my ford that requires ford motor craft oil. I was told they do not supply motorcraft oil and they would not take outside parts. I'll pay double at the dealer to ensure I'm getting the correct oil for my vehicle. What a joke.

Review №39

I personally had a great experience at this tires plus. They were friendly and performed fast and quality work. Tire prices were fair. Adam took good care of me.

Review №40

The worst. Place.

Review №41

Not just tires! Helped me out when my car wouldn't start. Full service with great attitudes

Review №42

4/19/2014 Please avoid this location AT ALL COSTS! I just had the worst experience at this shop. DISHONEST, DECEITFUL, doesn't even begin to describe the scum bags that run this shop...specifically STEVE and JASON. They will give you the run-around, and try to up-sell you additional repairs your car does not need. If you are looking for someone to trust with your vehicle, this is not the place. Don't be naive and believe a single word they say. Please, save your time, your HARD EARNED money and go to someone else. I have a co-worker who did some service at this location and they lost his business as well when they neglected to put the oil cap back on after a standard oil change. Not only that, they knocked off the air intake valve and leaves got stuck inside which forced him to pay someone else to fix the issue. I'm not even sure they completed any work on my vehicle, I will have to take their word for it until I take the wheels off myself and take a look. I WILL NEVER RETURN.

Review №43

Don't even know where to flipping start! Just do yourself a huge favor and only let tires plus put tires on your cars and do no other mechanical work on your vehicle

Review №44

Went in on my lunch break today to get a nail removed and hole patched on my rear passenger side tire. It took 40 minutes and they pointed out my passenger front tire needed replacement and alignment cause the tread was getting bald on the shoulders ( I knew this already but it was nice of them to tell me anyway) in the end i got a complimentary patch (Maybe cause I've purchased all my tires here?) and free estimate on my front tire as well as a tire pressure gauge. I have never had such a good experience with a garage in my life. I would definitely recommend this place for all your tire needs.

Review №45

Good guys. Good service. Didn't take too long. Good deal on my all terrains.

Review №46

Good all around repair shop

Review №47

Do NOT go there! I cringe at the thought of this place and the horrible service.... not to mention the fact that they will rip you off on parts. They'll order the necessary parts from places like Advanced or Discount auto parts and charge you triple the price. First time I went for new tires and the person working on my car literally beat the hubcap in place breaking the clamp ( he must of been having a bad day) and to no surprise, while I was driving the hubcap fell off. I called the shop and the guy goes on & on about how he will take care if it and call me back as soon as they receive it... well a year had gone and past before I just said screw it. Smh. I called him several times only to be told they are still waiting on it. I even went as far as to give them a second chance and they blew that too. When I took their estimate elsewhere and researched to find the parts they were charging me they had inflated the price ridiculously triple-plus times the amount. I very rarely leave a bad review unless the service was atrocious! Even the one star given is more than I feel they deserve. So thank Google, because if it was up to me I would give them only half a star simply for taking my money quickly and not having to wait long to pay. Smh. HORRIBLE!

Review №48

A little pricey but staff is great and service is fast.

Review №49

Doing best

Review №50

Beware! They will argue about standing by their warranty. If at all possible go somewhere else. And if you don't have a choice then beware and don't deal with Mario! Cooperate has been contacted

Review №51

So I just recently went to this location to have them check my tire and possibly repair it if needed before I drove back home (hour and a half away). There's mixed reviews online but it was the closest place and I didn't wanna take any chance with my tire driving else where. The atmosphere is not at all welcoming and the guy at the desk (Steve) wasn't the best with customer service. After bringing my car up they did indeed find a nail in my tire but also claimed there was many more. They circled the spots and he showed them to me but before I can really see them he would Spin the tire and keep talking. They looked like general wear and tear skuff marks from every day driving, they were not nails like he said. Then proceeded to tell me I need to replace all 4 tires before they looked awful. That was also not true. My farther taught me all the general and basic things you need to know about maintaining your car from checking the fluids down to changing tires on my own. My tires are fine. He gave me a attitude when I told him i wasn't going to get them changed there because I don't live in the area. The gentlemen who gave me my keys told me it wasn't safe to drive home because you can see all the wires in my back tires. There is not a single wire showing. Long story not so short they certainly try and scam you into getting things you don't need. And try and make you feel like your making the wrong descions for not doing it.

Review №52

I use these guys professionally and I must say, they provide quick service with concise follow up. As someone who has to run a business, you need guys like these in your corner.

Review №53

Efficient, costly but I'm sure all tire replacements are. Was there less than an hour.

Review №54

Very bad customer service. One person says something other one some thing opposite. All they care is how to rip off more money from customer.

Review №55

Scott was very attentive and professional.

Review №56

Full service at it's best.5 stars

Review №57

Prices hirger than I liked but fast courtious service

Review №58

Fast service. Larry takes care of my wife and I any time we are in.

Review №59

Very satisfying experience

Review №60

Works done right and have the best deals i can find for tires,and will match any

Review №61

Terrible Costumer Service. Not coming back.Need to change Management if you want more business.

Review №62

Great service! Guys are attentive, polite and very quick.

Review №63

Terrible customer service. Asked the clerk to give an estimate on a certain service and he went on and on about how they need to have one of his "professional mechanics" inspect the car first because he didn't believe me about what was wrong with the car.

Review №64

Don't waste your time, i give them chance 2 times, i will never come back. Nice talk behind the counter from all the guys, but when it come to the work................. First time I bought 4 tires they install 3 same ones and one tottaly different+ waited 7 hrs to be installed. For second car I bought 2 new tires to appear to be defect and they didn't want to change in beginning, have to come 5 times for checkups and all other tests, when we returned back old tires upfront it was all good. For appointments forget about it, you schadule 05:30pm they start working in 06:15pm. Super upset with this place.

Review №65

Good service

Review №66

I was very impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff.

Review №67

I had the pleasure of visiting this Tires Plus on 07/27/2011. I must say it was just a random choice as I live in Lake Worth and get my auto maintenance done at Tires Plus there. But as it happens I had a meeting to be at in Pompano and that didn't start until 11:30 AM. I couldn't see driving to LW and coming back so I figured I get some things accomplished that I would normally have to do when i get home anyway. The service was great, very personable, and helpful. Not a long wait at all, And best of all they explained everything involving my truck, and gave me options with me not feeling pressured. And as I sat there, I witnessed that same service given to other patrons, so I seen that their customers are valued. This is why after I read a review, I like to give my own opinion and lots of times will check it out for my self. I am glad I went and got my service done. P.S. My total bill came to $22.00, that was oil change, filling all fluids, tire rotation, and air, plus a small donation to feed the hungry. In todays times, to find service that offers savings and a smile, is worth it's weight in gold!!

Review №68

Wouldn't recommend I have been there more times than I'm proud of and everything they have "fixed" I had to get done somewhere else. Even figured out I got a junk yard part from them after the manager accidentally told me that.. surprisingly though that's the only work they did that actually lasted.

Review №69

SAVE YOUR TIME! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!Extremely bad service specially by JASON, he'd rude, has a nasty attitude, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL!!Went there to have a nail taken out and was told that it was going to take 2 HRS! We've been a loyal Tires plus costumer since 2001 and will probably not come back, specially to this location!!!Nelson Palomo

Review №70

My car was ready when I was told when It would be. Thank You Tires Plus.

Review №71

Very slow today.

Review №72

Better than Tire Kingdom....

Review №73

Very friendly and helpful staff

Review №74

Friendly and fast service..

Review №75

Wonderful service!

Review №76

This is the place I go when my car needs help.

Review №77

I have taken my cars there before but not anymore, I only use them for some specific services. Their customer service varies based on who is there or what time of the day it is; no service with a smile.

Review №78


Review №79

I came...I saw...I left. Prices not good, long wait and run down. No thanks.

Review №80

Rip off

Review №81

Great Job Great prices

Review №82

The only place I go when it has something to do with my tires

Review №83

Trust what the reviews are saying here, they are unprofessional, rude and will rip you off!

Review №84

The people who work for the company Care about the customer's

Review №85

I have been using this Tires Plus location for many years. I have bought tires and had oil changes and other service work done. The place looks little worn out and not 100% clean (to my standards!), but service has been good and friendly.

Review №86

Go here, you will get ripped off.

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