The Savanna Victoria
61, Victoria Station, Victoria, London SW1V 1JT, United Kingdom
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One of the two ZA shops in central London. Convenient situation inside the station m.

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Is easy to find when you are inside the station, close to the ticket station office.Savanna Victoria is a great place to stop, just remember that you will be excited, hungry and fond memories of home will rush back, don't hold back go crazy fill a bag and go home happy. Some prices are higher than others but it's delicious biltong, dryvors, and borewors. They have beers, wine, spirits, and more. Rusks and pup, chutney and sauces. You definitely want to stop here but don't worry about the price just treat yourself!!Dryvors is £34 a kilogram which is very good. I try not to eat it all before I get home. Well done

Review №3

Good evening ,We placed a order online for delivery.The delivery arrived on Wednesday we emailed yesterday (my husband did)We emailed yesterday explaining we had received damaged cans of sweet corn, out of date flings chips (22.4.2020) to date we have had no acknowledgement nor a response from anyone? We ordered mayonnaise on the original order that was not in the delivery ? No email or explanation before hand to say it would not be in the delivery ? Did you charge us but yet it was not delivered ?In the current times we are happy to support local businesses however the service we have received is disappointing and from a customers point of view not acceptable, I would appreciate a response and a update regarding our email with your feedback.I look forward to hearing from you.Over all a very disappointing experience.Thank youRegardsJeanene

Review №4

It is a great source for SA foods but I have repeatedly been turned away due to it closing earlier than advertised. Advertised to close at 10pm but Good luck trying to buy anything at 9:30pm.

Review №5

Staff was ok when I walked in. It's a small place but you can see wine selection from outside. It lacks prices on a lot of things which is very annoying. It also smells of beef jerky in the whole place if that's your thing. It wasn't mine at 9 in the morning.

Review №6

Absolutely disgusting service! I have been buying regularly from these guys on a consistent basis, my latest order was placed a week ago and when placing the order we noticed one of the products we bought a couple weeks ago is out of date by at least a couple months, we flagged this when placing our current order - still not had a response.I've then had x 3 separate emails asking to review the biltong, wors and droe wors that I've been ordering, submitted review, included the fact that I've not heard back in any review - still nothing!I have sent several emails chasing up my current order which was placed a week ago as we have stillNot received shipping details or any explanation due to the delay.Previously I would only ever buy from the Savanna and would encourage other people to do the same! It is hugely disappointing that this has happened but I've been forced to go elsewhere!

Review №7

Luv all the staff small but everything you need

Review №8

Good for a gift if you're stuck. Wines are good and it's the only place nearby that stocks.

Review №9

Good selection of biltong. Can't vouch for the bbq meats but I'm sure they are fantastic based on what I've had. Probably better biltong out there but it's a lot harder to find.

Review №10

Tricky little spot to find... Great biltong

Review №11

If this post was a year or two ago it would have been 5 stars as the Savanna back then was producing unsurpassed Biltong, however something changed, supplier or profit driven methods I don't know but the beef now is more fatty and as one person mentioned more connective tissue. They also started vacuum packing which altered the taste slightly over the original bags they used to use.Also the droewers is excellent but again I keep finding bits of inedible material left in my mouth, why don't you mince your own beef to avoid this if you are using a supplier then their mince has all sorts in it which isn't great.Get back to greatness please.

Review №12

For a few months already I don't go to that shop because quality of their droewors and bultong gone significantly down. Very fatty aftertaste from droewors which never been like that last year. It's over 8 moths to a year I feel this difference.I went again there yesterday and bought bultong which was very chewy unfortunately. While I was paying I told the cashier ( small blond lady) that the quality of droewors is completely gone and asked if they have changed the supplier . but she gave me and anattitude look and said it's impossible because they make it themself etc. I am clearly not returning there for fatty or chewy meat and that attitude from sales. They used to have brilliant people working there before.

Review №13

Small shop with SA beers,wines, chips, sweets, Five Rose's Tea, chicken, boerewors, canned goods and most importantly BILTONG, which was delicious . I was in my happy place .Pricey but worth it. I got a tin.of creamed sweetcorn which I love and have not had for ages but warning, if you are flying out.of the UK (we were at Gatwick) be warned , they will throw your tin.out...obviously they consider it "liquids" and its more than 100ml. So thank goodness having biltong made up.for that plus yummy flings and my 5 roses!!!

Review №14

Had a bad day so went in to grab a few beers, the shop assistant was incredibly short with me and rude. Absolutely no need for it, I probably would have purchased if it wasn't for this and due to it being on my way home would have stopped in frequently. Visit occured at 19:50 12/09/18.One to avoid

Review №15

I love this South Africa shop, great Belton, the staff are friendly and professional. Warm welcome every time. 5 stars for sure!

Review №16

Great stuff and pricing.

Review №17

Yay!! Biltong to power the commute. Great service too

Review №18

Arrived to the shop at 5.50pm. Was closed. (Should be open Until 6pm )

Review №19

Great place with friendly service

Review №20

I'm really fussy about quality of Biltong I buy but have to say the savanna is outstanding. The new London Bridge store is worth a visit.

Review №21

Great little shop for biltong on the go! excellent service and love visiting the shop when biltong cravings occur!

Review №22

Fabulous fare!

Review №23

Sell out of date items without making buyers aware and come up with all kinds of pathetic excuses when challenged about it apart from breaking the law! Simples!!Very limited stock and ever rising prices on many items has sadly killed the novelty of buying SA products. Big variety a few years ago at decent prices now handful of items at near extortionate prices! Decent biltong and boerewors though.

Review №24

Was in here yesterday , small, but loads of variety ; I'm not south African but love trying new snacks!Very friendly staff too !Pineapple Fanta and Ms Balls Simba crisps are fantastic !!! :)

Review №25

Best south African foods you can find

Review №26

Was charged £32 for 500g biltong and 250g drywors and £1.40 for a can of Sparletta sparberry! No label attached to show how much it actually weighs so probably got ripped off there as well. Will never buy from you again! Very disappointed is an understatement!!!

Review №27

Excellent biltong

Review №28

Great range of proper biltong at decent prices, with excellent service. I can't stay away.

Review №29

Excellent bolting and service.

Review №30

Great place for South African foods, huge selection in a small shop. Holds both pantry and butcher style products. Drywors is really good, especially peri peri

Review №31

Used to be great. Now they've hiked up the biltong prices to £45/kilo!

Review №32

Great beef jerky!!

Review №33

Amazing staff

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  • Address:61, Victoria Station, Victoria, London SW1V 1JT, United Kingdom
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  • Phone:+44 20 7931 9314
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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