Jumbo South African Shop
3, The Arches, Villiers St, Charing Cross, London WC2N 6NG, United Kingdom
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The BEST place for authentic biltong. ( I lived in RSA for a while) A good choice of meats, spicing and cut.Friendly shop staff who can give you advice on what you can buy.Good range of crafts etc. too.

Review №2

Good products, biltong, dry wors, chips, drinks. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. Good central location.

Review №3

Very nice people in there. There is a wide range of products from South Africa.

Review №4

South African products to feel at home away from home

Review №5

Great products and very friendly staff!

Review №6

Taryn & Tara are the dynamite duo that i look forward to seeing each time i visit the store. I am quite particular with everything and some might say fussy, however T&T have always remembered exactly how i like my biltong and they just genuinely care about their customers and always up to have a chat with a good laugh . Sadly i do not work in the area anymore , but i will say that i wont visit any other South African shop on the basis that Jumbo's biltong is by far the best (you would think it was flown over from SA) and their hospitality is like no other.PS: save some fatty chunks, I am coming today!

Review №7

Sent them an email enquiry about obtaining Nyiamo Beans and never received a reply.

Review №8

Nice basic SA stuff

Review №9

Wide range of South African product

Review №10

Went on a tour of London's Saffa shops to find Bakers biscuits in time for Christmas and the others (Wimble, London Bridge, Victoria) all had knock off brands. Friendly staff and good selection of home treats.

Review №11

Absolutely great

Review №12

Love this place. Ok fine with the project is a very much for being so kind and helpful in the world to discover what an amazing day today for the first time in my life and the other day in the world cup of your own space and also easy for Laurel to approve the next few weeks starting point on the Google.

Review №13

Love the Biltong here! Always lots of people there for the biltong so clearly it's good. A whole variety of flavours but I like the classic best. A lot of different South African treats there.

Review №14

Always love this shop. Reliable and has a decent amount of South African food. Love how you can get Biltong in central London especially! Prices are a little high but for the quality it's good.

Review №15

Very disappointing service. Went in today doesn't 30 pounds on biltong lady mumbled something which I never heard and then I continued to talk and she then raised her voice to me saying 100grams free. I came there to buy biltong and expect better service don't treat me as if you my customer awful and I am Zimbabwean so I remained calm and well mannered

Review №16

Biltong is great! Way better than Savannah. Dry wors is a little extra fatty but still tasty. Depends what you like...

Review №17

I have never had bad customer service here? The woman are always friendly and have chat with you when you are there. Maybe I'm just friendly and seem more approachable than the rest of you. I love coming here and will continue to support. Thank-you

Review №18

Been ordering online for the past 4 years or so, never a problem, good quality, always good service, orders arrive on time, very pleased, Thank you and keep up the good work!

Review №19

Quite well stocked, very friendly assistants but can be pricey.

Review №20

Bought ourselves a few treats to the total value of £34.44, expensive but thought it worth it. Got back to our apartment only to discover much to our extreme disappointment that two packs of dry wors valued at £8 was not placed inside the bag by the cashier called Gabi with our other goodies!!Tara has been exceptionally helpful and apologised about this She is sending us our missing drywors and a little extra for all the inconvenience caused. Thank you so much for your help Tara. Excellent customer service!

Review №21

Best place to get your Biltong, and Ouma Biscuits. Never really had an issue with the shop. Sometimes, offers change without notice, some months every 100g of Biltong you buy you get 100g free. Without notice it changes to a reward card. More notice of offers and changes to them should be advertised but otherwise. Its a great place.

Review №22

Do not go to this shop, the staff are racist, the quality of the food is terrible and they should be shut down immediately.

Review №23

Good variety of South African products and excellent biltong. It does have a spaza feel to it, and you do need to watch the expiry dates

Review №24

I would normally send this feedback to the store direct but it's impossible to find an email address for them! This place is central and has a big selection. I don't buy for myself, but for a friend of mine, who loves drywors and biltong. Unfortunately, over the last year or so he has asked me to stop buying both - originally he stopped the biltong (he said the recipe had changed and it wasn't as nice), and more recently he stopped the drywors which had visibly gotten much more oily (you could see the oil at the bottom of the bowl) - another recipe change perhaps? And at £30 a bag, he said it just wasn't worth it anymore (even though I paid for it and gave it to him as a gift). I also found the staff a bit surly at times, and on occasion saw them being militant about their loyalty scheme - militancy is the last thing you want to display when you are trying to instil loyalty in your customers! I hope this feedback is taken on board as I would return to the store if the old recipes could be returned to. Fingers crossed!

Review №25

Always super friendly, just as South Africans are.

Review №26

This shop is a shambles. It simply should not exist. Bulldoze it ASAP. The customer service was dreadful, the shopkeeper didn't say one word to me, not even to tell me how much the total cost was. The biltong gave me food poisoning and due to this I missed my job interview at Pearson Specter Litt. I will never return to this excuse of a shop as I wish to not to be on the toilet for another 2 days straight (like a jet wash coming out of my posterior)Kinds regards,The one who was on the toilet for 2 days.Thank you reading :)

Review №27

The people in this shop are miserable. Definitely time to head back to sunny SA for them (I'm a South African btw). About the 4th time I've gone in there and basically been snarled at. Cheer up guys, and stop ripping people off

Review №28

Ach please. What's not to like? For the carnivores they have mountains of biltong, dry wors, ostrich things, platties and boerewors. For everyone else they have the finest selection of Southern African produce this side of the equator, wines yes, old brown sherry yes, peppermint crisp yes, outa beskuit yes, koeksusters yes!

Review №29

Really liked the peri peri biltong they have here. Went back again and requested £5 worth (which last time was told a handful). A guy was serving me when a lady came over to tell him that he'd given me too much and made him take out 4 or 5 small pieces of biltong claiming that 'it's money'. Of course they're entitled to do so, but to do it in front of a customer who was just about to pay was a very disappointing experience. The search for new peri peri biltong begins!

Review №30

Went there with the intention of buying Biltong. The only member of staff visible was blocking the door blowing vape at anyone that came near.

Review №31

Very friendly polite lady serving, wine is fair price and a decent choice, food produce is pricey but no more than you expect from imported food, im going to be a new regular customer.

Review №32

No problem.

Review №33

A little taste of home!

Review №34

Great selection and amazing service.

Review №35

This is the only place in London I can seem to find Chutney Cheas Naks. While I agree with others the customer service is lacking, I have definitely had worse and continue to support them.

Review №36

Best biltong in London

Review №37

£6 for a 2l creme-soda? Are you having a laugh?

Review №38

Best biltong around

Review №39

Best biltong in London !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №40

All the old favourites..

Review №41

Very disappointed everything l bought was out of date.l rang them and the lady was very rude.

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  • Address:3, The Arches, Villiers St, Charing Cross, London WC2N 6NG, United Kingdom
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  • Phone:+44 20 7839 6415
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