Ama Hair Salon
26 St Ann's Rd, London, N15 6DT, United Kingdom
Review №1

An amazing experience every time, first class service from the entire team. Nothing is too much for them regardless of how bad a state your hair may be in. A massive thank you to Joy who attended to me upon arrival, through to Silas and Ama, such a dynamic team and my husband loved my hair. If you are looking for an exquisite hair experience, this is definitely the place to go as you will leave looking like a whole new person! Thank you to the entire staff not forgetting Teddy!

Review №2

I would highly recommend Ama Hair salon, it was my first visit and they were welcoming and friendly. My hair is amazing, I have received so much compliments at work and from friends and family. My hair looks healthy and its so light and bouncy after having a silk press. I shall be returning

Review №3

Fantastic service and great customer service. Very professional, friendly and clean this is gonna be my new dressers I will definitely recommend a family and friends to this place 10/10 service God bless the staff members

Review №4

Excellent. First time there, and was relieved at their care, attention, communication, attentiveness to customers and eachother. Good team vibe and affordable prices! They know what theyre doing and I was in and out like a flash👌🏾

Review №5

Ama and her staff were extremely welcoming and kind from the second I walked in the door. I had my hair braided by Blessing and she did an amazing job and was very accommodating along the way, asking if I was okay and making sure the braids weren’t too tight. Would 10/10 recommend and will definitely be going back!

Review №6

The struggle of finding a good salon which caters to Afro hair has been long but finding Ama’s Hair Salon has made the search completely worth it! They are the best at all natural hair services, including silk presses and treatments. The service there is amazing, and they always take their time to ensure you are fully satisfied. Getting my hair done no longer makes me feel anxious because I know I’m in good hands.

Review №7

Thank you AMA for a wonderful experience from consultation to styling finish. The hospital and smile from Ama and staff was warm and welcoming. My hair looked amazing and I felt so confident at the special home going service I had to attend for my mother-in-law. I am happy to have found a blessed community hairdresser great atmosphere may you continue to be blessed. Thank you 😊

Review №8

I got a silk press which included a lovely head massage and deep-conditioning. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. Very relaxing and Ama is a such a wonderful hairstylist and nice person to talk to. I will definitely be visiting again!

Review №9

The people there are very welcoming and kind the service there is absolutely amazing.

Review №10

This was the best salon experience I’ve had to date. There is a great vibe at the salon and everyone is very warm and welcoming. The decor makes it feel very homely and the customer service is fantastic. I will definitely be back for regular treatments!

Review №11

Always make you feel welcome from beginning to end.Highly recommended saloon. If it is your first experience of having your hair catered to with love I promise it will not be your last.Customer service there are companies and establishments that these individuals can teach, they go above and beyond to make sure you leave and will want to return.

Review №12

My first time at Ama Hair Salon the overall experience was great,the staff was very welcoming and friendly,they was knowledgeable and worked well together, I was happy with my hair and would go there in future.

Review №13

Really nice staff, very professional. Lockdown left my locs in a state but they really sorted them out.I was very happy with the service and would definitely be going back there again.Give them a try you will not be disappointed.

Review №14

Ama Hair Salon has given me one of the best salon experiences I ever had. The owner Ama of the salon was very welcoming and always showed immense hospitality with always offering tea or snacks. She even grabbed our coats and hung it up for my friend and I. As for the staff, they were so kind as well and you can tell they all are a great team. I had chosen to do Knotless box braids and Shenai did a fantastic job! It was painless and light after it was done. Also I enjoyed chatting with her while getting my hair done. I also enjoyed the music they played. It was truly a great experience and I would recommend! I’m approaching week 3 of my braids and am still in love with them!

Review №15

My first time going to a salon, it was an amazing experience, they did an amazing job.

Review №16

I had a silk press done at Ama’s Salon, the service right from booking to my actual hair appointment was amazing ! They really took time to know my hair and during the process took time with my hair, I would definitely return to Ama’s salon. All members of staff were so welcoming.This is definitely an amazing black owned business that you should try out!!

Review №17

After not visiting a hair salon for over 7 years, and not being able to find a professional reliable service for Afro hair, I am genuinely pleased with the wonderful experience I had at Ama Hair Salon, being treated as a V.I.P by Ama, Salias and Yasmin. Everyone was friendly and professional and the service like WOW! DONT think, just try out Ama hair salon, you won’t regret it! Trust me!

Review №18

Fantastic service and customer service. Very professional, friendly and clean. My hair feels and looks lovely. My new hairdressers!

Review №19

Clean, friendly environment and my hair look fantastic.

Review №20

Ama was very accommodating and patient with me. Very good service

Review №21

Absolutely wonderful service from start to finish! All staff were warm and welcoming throughout and consistently checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable. They also showed genuine love and care for my hair and were full of hilarious conversation. They have squashed my fear of going to the hair dressers and I will be returning as often as I can!

Review №22

Hands down one of the best barbershops in London. The staff is very friendly and at some point they treat me like one of them. Ama, the owner, was super nice since day 1. My barber was Vandyke, great guy and better barber. It used to take me 1hr to get there but the results were definitely worth it. Best of all for you guys!!!!

Review №23

After reading their amazing reviews I decided to check out Ama Hair Salon, what a wonderful experience! Ama and her son gave impeccable service! The Salon is beautiful, neat and tidy with great decor, was offered drinks throughout my whole duration, everyone was super friendly and it totally felt like being around really good friends or family! I will without a doubt be visiting again and sending anyone i know there too! The barber is amazing and I left with one of the best haircuts I have ever had! Thank you so much for a lovely experience and will be seeing you again soon 😘

Review №24

This is the first hairdresser that actually listened to me and did what I wanted...Thank you Ama Im so happy with my hair, customer service was excellent, staff are friendly and welcoming, decor and general environment is stylish and clean...the vibrations are good. Will definitely be visiting again.

Review №25

I came across Ama Hair Salon from a google search of salons with good reviews for Afro/Natural African Hair in London.From the moment I walked in, I felt assured that they got me. Shenai offered me a cup of tea before she went on to do my hair, which I like a lot. Everyone was so kind. I’m definitely returning soon.

Review №26

A cosy place with a lot of African-themed touches all over it. I went to have my very first silk press after months of lockdown and years of doing my hair on my own. Travelled all the way from North-East London having read the positive reviews (wanted to see for myself) and all I can say is I was pleasantly surprised. Staff was friendly and helpful. I would rate the whole experience 5/5. Ama was lovely, welcoming and very kind. I had a very good time and I was well looked-after. Special thanks to Yasmine for the great results. I felt I was someone else, couldnt believe the transformation!I will be coming back in the future.

Review №27

If there was an option of no stars I would have selected that instead. After my lovely hairdresser for 10 years going back to her homeland for 6 months. I had no other option but to use another salon. Ive done this before and has always regretted it. Just like i have with this salon. Taken by the lovely reviews by customers. I exspected the same quality of service. I had extensions and sadly they ripped out my edges because it was put in too tight. Now believe me im a big woman it ant my first rodeo. Ive been doing braids and all other styles since I was in my early 20s and now im late 30s with the same hair stylist ive had for over 10 years. And not once has she ever ripped out my sides like that. Shes never had another person helping her either. she got my hair done healthy all nice and neat on her own and didnt charge extortionate prices.This salon had a girl younger than me doing it and a boy at the same time who clearly didnt know what they were doing. Took allllll day. I didnt get home till 11pm at night and I got there early in the day. How unprofessional that is that. I had to get home to my new born baby as his father was minding him. Ok I blame myself cause i should of known better and used all my experience of what ive endured before with using other salons. So from when she was twisting my hair into the plaits. And using all the hair I bought on my head which made the style too heavy pulling on my roots and causing stress to my scalp it was very painful.Beware because these type of hairdressers are gimmicks. All high prices and fancy pictures but when i sat in that chair I didnt get that feeling. Also they told me it was £120 then they tried to wack MORE money on to £150 when they clearly knew the style was £ 120 for the braid ,length size ect. I had. and silly me I was gona pay more then they said its ok. (Extortionates). Looking at there website now prices theyve gone up more for braids My GOD! GREEDY MONEY MOTIVATED My original stylist is better and experienced and dont charge the earth.Never went back after that went back to my old stylist got my hair in braids again. Had to let my hair breathe for a year and have it treated cut and styled. I took along break and fortunately for me I got strong nice hair. It grew back and now Im back with my old stylist. And my hair is doing very well. Im so lucky i ant got traction aleopica. Like alot of hair stylist cause because they assume you want it in tight and uncomfortable . Or because thats the way they have it. They had no consideration for the fact im a mum and I had to leave at a certain time. Just taken there sweet time and just chatting. Unprofessional behaviour.I only went there because of not having my stylist here in the country and I really wanted nice braids but no never again. If this owner wants to leave a bad remark about my experience go ahead im thick skinned and im not bothered. Word of advise that it ant about quantity its about quality. And theres none here.Dont need too LIE either.UPDATEDAfter seeing a second long review in response to mine to try and undermine my exsperince. A day after mine the owner clearly couldunt take criticism about her salon 🤣🤣🤣.Just proves my point of what I wrote earlier.Bunch of haters. Just like the one who done my hair. Ghetto mate. Tottenham what do you exspect!!!I no Im not because like i said i dont need to I just stated my experience and like i said i ant getting paid to comment . Like they are getting paid to do hair.Apart from my original hairstylistBest salon I recommend is stratford stylesbyfola.Just type in google.I left a lovely review on there site.

Review №28

Great experience, great customer service and all very caring. Suzy👍🏾

Review №29

Absolutely buzzing about the service received! Staff are happy and welcoming. My hair is a 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone. So happy we found this hair salon.

Review №30

I had an amazing experience here today. I opted for the trim and treatment and everything was so lovely and professional. They really take their time and i got some great advice on hair care. The salon itself is clean and modern, and the team were welcoming and warm. We had great conversation, lots of laughter and I will definitely be returning to AMA’s for more treatments in the future!

Review №31

I love visiting. Apart from Ama and team being great stylists, and the salon being a relaxing place to be, it’s the welcome that keeps bringing me back. It genuinely feels like a treat. I’ve also been really impressed by the Covid secure measures that they’ve put in place. Looking forward to my next visit.

Review №32

This is the best salon experience I have ever received. The salon itself was clean and tidy. The staff were friendly and welcoming. The service I received was amazing. This is the first time I have coloured my hair and the hairstylist made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. Definitely would recommend!

Review №33

Beautiful atmosphere, lovely stylist, professional and efficient.

Review №34

Sick barber! Silas gave me the best haircut ever....I’m coming back again soon. Great atmosphere in the salon too.

Review №35

Best hair salon always here for the customer WELCOME BACK after long Covid clouser

Review №36

From the time I entered, to the time I left, all staff were attentive and listened to my requests. Ama done a lovely new fro for me, giving guidelines and tips on aftercare, her son made an awesome cup of coffee and they made me feel relaxed and welcome. Salon is clean, fresh, trendy, relaxing, inviting and friendly! - I went there with a Groupon but would happily do a trek across London to get my hair done again in the future - highly recommended (especially for my fellow Naturalistas!)

Review №37

Definitely the best experience I’ve had getting my hair cut — so friendly and welcoming and professional. Really great value too. Also really helpful if you don’t know what you want (like me) as they’ll give you some advice. They sorted out my lockdown mop and I left feeling like a new person — will definitely be going back!

Review №38

Always a pleasure to go to Amas for a friendly welcome by all staff. Truly missed during lockdown. Atmosphere is really relaxed but very professional. My hair feels great as usual, if you are looking for quality all round, then AMAs is the place to go. You wont be disappointed.

Review №39

Had a brilliant hair cut here and some great advice about looking after my hair! It was so relaxing, such a lovely atmosphere and all the staff are really friendly & welcoming. I would totally recommend a visit here

Review №40

I’m fussy when it comes to hair salons as I’ve had a few bad experiences but from booking the appointment to the moment I left the salon it was a warm and pleasant experience thanks to Ama and her son! Excellent customer service and care. I definitely recommend 👍🏽

Review №41

Great service and friendly stylists. Ama is wonderful

Review №42

Thank you so much not only for doing an amazing job with my hair but for the amazing service. I will definitely be back here again & would highly recommend.

Review №43

Its been too long but am so glad and blessed by my trip to Ama Hair Salon. The team are so caring and professional. From start to finish I felt so cared for and my end result is da bomb. The salon feels as though we are in central london and the vibe is so welcoming. For all natural hair welfare and vibes Ama is truly the place to go.Keep up the wonderful work many thanksLorri

Review №44

Amas hair salon is great. It’s a friendly professional place where your hair will be properly cared for. I went for box braids which took them lots of time and energy and they really looked after me. I’m looking forward for my next visit though I’m not doing braids next time! Time for a makeover. Thanks again guys :)

Review №45

I have visited Ama over a number of years now and I have never left anything other than satisfied. I have had twists put in, my natural hair wash straightened and styled and now they maintain my locs for me. Keep up th good work, as a customer I feel blessed to have you maintain my hair x.

Review №46

This salon provides amazing care and a friendly atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome. I found Ama through a random google search but now wouldn’t go anywhere else. She is the best!

Review №47

I been already few time in this place. The service is very nice, with an amazing atmosphere. They look after you very well, and with time, without rush and having a very good result. Very well done to Chris, that he did to me a very goog job.

Review №48

Received invaluable advice on how to manage and treat my daughters hair. Also noticed an immediate improvement after her hair was given a trim. Excellent service!

Review №49

Wow! Excellent establishment. Unique and skilled hairdressers. Lovely family vibes. 💯 recommend this place. Beautiful experience. Can’t wait to come back and see Ama and the team.Cheers guys!

Review №50

A delightful, professional experience in a clean and comfortable environment. I visited the salon recently and I’m beyond pleased with the result. I’ve followed the after-care advice given to me by Ama and my hair still looks FRESH. Can’t wait for my next visit!

Review №51

Had a fantastic haircut here , today was the first time I ever visited. Ama listened carefully when I was explaining what style I wanted and she did a great job executing this . A warm comfortable atmosphere also, everyone was really nice. I will recommend this joint to my friends and Ill certainly be visiting again, great job guys!

Review №52

By far this hair salon is amazing I took my girlfriend there to get her hair done and I now go there as well the atmosphere in there is amazing the staff are inviting and very helpful, I would highly recommend that you go and try for yourself you won’t regret it I promise you.

Review №53

Amazing service and hairstyling, wouldnt go anywhere else! Place is clean and staff are so friendly and accommodating definitely recommend to all 👌🏿👍🏿

Review №54

Friendly personnel, clean environment, hospitable and professional. Go and get your hair done proper. Thank you Ama 👍😊

Review №55

Very professional and great team. Will certainly make this my regular barber

Review №56

This hair salon is genuinely the best one I’ve ever been to.Everyone is so friendly and nothing is ever too much.My hair always looks amazing once finished and it’s in the best condition it’s ever been in.I cant recommend this salon enough.

Review №57

Professional and warm service. Really good experience. I got a treatment and knotless braids, it wasn’t painful and carr was taken over my hair. They look great and I have received so many compliments about how neat they are.

Review №58

All the staff are always polite and friendly, amazing space to be in, with heaps of culture and they take such pride in the service they provide.

Review №59

I have been going to Ama Hair Salon since lock down was lifted and never look back, my experience going there was fantastic I felt comfortable and relaxed genuinely smiling faces and a very warm welcome . For me Ama Hair Salon is not about how many customers she can get in a day but its about the level of service and customer attention that they offer thank you Ama Hair Salon keep on keeping on what you do love you guys see you soon.

Review №60

Amazing salon experience! Went in for a skin fade and the barber Vandyke did a great job of listening to what I wanted, and advising me on what would suit me the best. Ama is friendly and warm, the Ghanaian aesthetic is beautiful and overall I was very pleased! I dont trust many people with my hair but I wasnt disappointed at all ❤

Review №61

The customer service at Ama Hair Salon is second to none. They are always so friendly and welcoming as well as very professional. The atmosphere is great and my hair always comes out looking great!!!!

Review №62

Everyone working there is extremely lovely and professional. There’s good energy and good people. 100% recommend, my hair result was amazing.

Review №63

Friendly environment and staff and its refreshing when a hairdresser empowers you to wear your natural hair 🥰🥰

Review №64

Ama hair salon really is like no other. They really care about their clients and their knowledge and skills are impeccable.I went in for a simple cut but with such greatcare and advice I came out with a beautiful new hair style!! And my natural hair has never been treated so well.The place feels like home, you are greeted with such warmth, a smile, a drink and are never waiting long!I cant recommend it more for natural hair.Im so glad I found it and look forward to my hair journey with them.Thank you so much Silas, Ama and all!!

Review №65

Excellent service as always. This is the only salon I will go to, all staff are extremely friendly and very professional. My hairstyle is always a hit with the general public. Thank you guys.Mxx

Review №66

I had a simple haircut but the stylist did her best to find the best solution for my fine hair. The team there is extremely kind and friendly. Acceptable prices. Patient with kids, my daughter loves her new haircut and she was very much encouraged by Ama to decide what length she wanted. Love the interiors, very neat and tidy. Ama, the owner, is a lovely person. They have a computerised system, you get a reminder 24 hrs before your appointment and a possibility to change it in case you cant make it without calling them. Highly recommend.

Review №67

This is the best salon Ive ever been to for Afro hair!!! Ama and the team were SO friendly and welcoming I felt like I was part of the family by the time I left.I got my hair braided by Yasmin and she is amazing at her work I have had so many compliments already. They are most beautiful neatest, pain- free braids I have ever had - thank you!!I was so pleased with my visit to Ama Hair Salon and would definitely return :) They are true professionals, there was no waiting for my appointment, offered me drinks, food and magazines and most importantly the atmosphere was so uplifting and positive where it is clear they really care about their clients.Thank you to everyone at Ama Hair Salon.

Review №68

Been having my haircut by Amma for years, always leave feeling so much better after a good haircut. Everyone is so friendly, its like visiting family.

Review №69

Its always feels like a cross between a special treat and chilling out with old friends, whenever I visit Ama Hair Salon.Sometimes I get complete strangers ask me where I get my hair done. I recommend everyone I meet to go to Ama. Ive been a customer for 20 years!Why do I love Ama Hair Salon so much?Lovely people, great service, stylish and comfortable decor with refreshments thrown in. Whats not to love?

Review №70

Friendly staff, everyone is happy to help, and its lovely to be offered a drink when youre in the seat. Ama (who does my hair) is always happy to listen to hair ideas and is realistic about what is achievable, and I look awesome.

Review №71

All the staff at Amas are so welcoming, there is a lovely atmosphere there. I always come away feeling very well looked after and pampered.

Review №72

Great atmosphere, great chat, great cut. Friendly and professional, my new favourite local spot.

Review №73

The organisation of the hair salon is 10/10. Always get my haircut at the time of the appointment, when Im lucky its before the appointment. Good salon for a haircut if your time is precious to you.

Review №74

Absolutely amazing salon that knows how to love and care for natural Afro hair. I arrived for my appointment and was immediately welcomed by Ama’s Son who was so friendly and warm. Ama herself is and amazing woman, she welcomes me with open arms and treated me like a long lost family member. You can tell she loves and is passionate about healthy natural hair.Everyone in the salon has amazing energy and I went home happy with my hair. I cannot wait to return once I get back from my holiday.Thank you so much Ama and team!

Review №75

Relaxer and short cut is my style. I have been attending for 15 years now. They always look after their customers and I always leave with a huge smile on my face as my hair just ROCKS!

Review №76

Ive been here twice and both times had an amazing experience. Very professional and friendly atmosphere that too with very economical rates.

Review №77

The most friendly and welcoming barbers I’ve been to in London. Really easy to book online so I just turned up at my appointment time and didn’t have to wait around for hours like at so many other barbers. I was offered drinks and snacks whilst I was in the chair which was a nice touch. Fade was really nice and the barber gave me good suggestion of something to try with my longer hair on top. Definitely going back and would really recommend.

Review №78

So glad I found this place. Very friendly and welcoming. Ama cut my hair to perfection 🤩

Review №79

This will be a bit of a long one...At nearly 28 years of age, this has, by far, been the best salon experience Ive ever had, and I will never get my hair done anywhere else now! I spent 8 days searching for the perfect place to get my natural 3b/3c hair washed, cut and deep conditioned without strong chemicals, and after a mist of about 30, I shortlisted 2 including Amas. I called up to ask a question and spoke to Silas, and honestly this is when I made up my mind 100% - his vibe is so good. I travelled from Southend-on-sea just to do my hair, and with a young baby, had to take the whole family in tow (me, husband, 3 year old and 6 month old) - upon arrival, we were given a private room to get comfy and make ourselves at home! We were seen promptly but not rushed at all. Yasmin gently combed out and washed my hair - she was so gentle I nearly fell asleep! Always checking with me that what she was doing was ok with me, she was just lovely. Whilst I was deep conditioning under the dryer, she also washed and trimmed my 3 year old without problem. I had my hair cut by Ama herself, such a lovely lady and I felt so comfortable with her, I could have been visiting an aunt! She was VERY attentive to the length I wanted which has been a problem in the past for me, and has managed to get it bang on. The whole vibe was so welcoming, friendly and really like family tbh - Silas even ordered us all lunch, and the other barber (sorry I forgot your name) was running around playing with my oldest :) At one point my husband abandoned me with the baby mid cut to get his beard trimmed, and Silas took him and played with him. Honestly the best!

Review №80

Excellent service.One of the most friendliest and welcoming salons I’ve ever been to. All staff are attentive and take their time to ensure you get the best haircut. Having had many haircuts at the salon, I’ve always seen customers leave with a big smile on their faces.Have been going to AMA Hair Salon for a couple of years now and see myself going for many years to come.Highly recommended.

Review №81

I cannot express how fantastic AMA hair salon is. The decor is so earthy, warm and tastefully done. And the friendly service is just second to none. I wanted a skin fade and had booked in with Silas who listened and understood exactly what I wanted. I was offered a hot drink as it was cold that day and was made to feel a home instantly. The cut was one of the best Ive had. Thank you and Ill be back! 👍🏻

Review №82

Great service is really about passion and good people and this is what I feel every time at Ama’s hair salon. Would highly recommend.

Review №83

Great place, good prices and Ama is lovely! Super recommended :)

Review №84

Really nice place, people very kind.Good system for appointment booking

Review №85

Some of the most talented hair artists Ive ever come across and the beautiful vibes in this place are so wonderful. It really is the perfect salon, I always leave feeling (and looking) better than when I walked in! Thank you xXx

Review №86

I went here for the first time today after my son recommended it.Wow! Where do I start? ...So friendly, customer service second to none. Great advice as I went in knowing I wanted my hair coloured but not sure what colour, but they knew exactly what would look good on me and even advised highlights which I had not considered. Great attention to detail and outstanding hair cut and colouring. No rushing and very friendly. This will now be my regular hairdressers. Highly recommend.Thank youTracey

Review №87

I received a professional service in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

Review №88

Very friendly and professional, go here and you wont regret it. I will definitely be going back. Good hair products used and available to buy as well as African attire and accessories

Review №89

Always welcoming, professional and on time. They take good care of my hair.

Review №90

Staff are so lovely, decor is beautiful & service is amazing. Ama hair salon is a gem hidden in Tottenham!

Review №91

I would like to thank Ama Hair Salon for giving me a professional and friendly experience. So informative and caring. I felt well looked after. Big up yourselves

Review №92

Lovely hair salon the staff are so nice I was pleased with how they did my natural hair and they styled it well. Not too scissor happy if you need a trim

Review №93

Great cut, great atmosphere, clean tidy

Review №94

Amazing experience all round from gorgeous interior throughout the salon to warm and friendly staff who happily catered for all our styling needs. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit- will definitely be back! 😊

Review №95

Had my first visit to Amas hair salon today and immediately I felt so welcome! I loved the whole experience, the staff is kind, punctual, professional and caring and I ended up with a perfect hairstyle, silk press courtesy of Vee!😍 She is very knowledgable but also so lovely! I will definitely be back!!

Review №96

A star salon. Lovely decor, lovely staff, lovely owner. Got my hair braided and washed by yasmin who was very attentive and listened to what i wanted and didnt want. She did an amazing Job. Ama the owner is such a lovely warm welcoming lady.You will not be disappointed x

Review №97

Fantastic place. The lady who runs it is truly a genuine and totally down to earth woman. Always super friendly and welcoming never a bad word to say about anyone or anything. Highly recommended. Best salon in town. By miles. Bar none. This place totally deserves all the success that it is due.

Review №98

I work locally and have been having my hair done at Amas for years. The salon is inviting and everyone is friendly. All of the hairdressers listen to what you want and will do what you ask (within reason of course) or help you find/get the look youre going for. My hair always looks great when I get it done here. I would definitely recommend.

Review №99

Great service from friendly staff. Everyone wearing masks also

Review №100

Nothing but the best from the staff to the service I couldn’t ask for a better hair salon. My hair always looks great when I leave.

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  • Address:26 St Ann's Rd, London, N15 6DT, United Kingdom
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  • Phone:+44 20 8809 5155
  • Hairdresser
  • African goods store
  • Extended stay hotel
  • Hair extension technician
  • Women-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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