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unit 3c middleton distt shopping, Leeds, LS10 4AX, United Kingdom
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I wrote down my experience to warn everyone not to buy his vinyl.I bought and installed his floor vinyl at the beginning of this month, and found that it tastes great after installation. At first I thought it would be the smell of glue mixed with it. Just insist on opening the back door every day for ventilation. I am a foreigner and my English is not very good. I dont know where to check the quality of this product. Of course I will find the merchant to deal with this problem. But the seller said he couldnt smell anything. I said that because your store is open every day, if it is in a confined space, it will have a heavy smell. I am worried that the smell is big because it contains formaldehyde, which will cause serious diseases in the human body. I woke up every morning when I entered the Ground floor and smelled a heavy smell, which caused me a headache. My daughter also said that there was a pungent smell. Its much better to open the door and let the air in. He asked me to find the supplier and provided the suppliers contact information, the name is Wilkies All Floor,so that I could contact them to complain. Then I wrote a few emails to contact the supplier, requesting return and removal. But they didnt reply me directly. It lasted more than 20 days. I went to the seller again, and the seller said that the supplier asked me to pay another £75 for the inspection fee to the supplier, and they asked someone to do the inspection. I said it can detect whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard? He said it was to check for smell. At the same time, I took a sample they left in my house and I showed it to him. I could easily tear it up with my hands. I said this is a quality issue. The taste is only due to the lack of hardness in the production process. The seller still insisted that he could not smell the smell, and also said that the test item does not include the quality problem that the test can be shredded? Is it to detect the smell? What is this not fraud? Why should I throw money in again? The seller finally said when you bought it, why didnt you smell it and tried it? I also neglected because of wearing a mask. Who can think of tearing when I haven’t buy it?I also hope that the majority of netizens can help me find an official testing agency in Leeds for testing the quality of floor vinyl , including the odor of formaldehyde, which is a problem.

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I recently paid £300 for a carpet and underlay for my upstairs neighbours living room as I couldn’t live with the racket that came from the above flat, as they had only a very thin carpet and it has been so dreadfully fitted it has 4 ripple lines through it where it hasn’t been stretched out properly. Also, I ordered a hessian backed carpet and thick underlay and when I checked the carpet, it’s a felt back, wasn’t what I had requested...I have been back in and was promised they would come 2 weeks ago to sort it, they have my number also and they just never bothered to come and do it and never bothered phoning me either.I will be coming back in to your shop when you re open as this needs sorting!I’ve spent a lot of money there over the past months and I am appalled at this dreadful service, thinking I wouldn’t notice that you scammed me!

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Make sure you get what you have ordered. About 5 years ago we bought a carpet. It was fitted and never felt right. Always felt flat. We descovered the underlay had not been fitted. Mistake? Perhaps. Ordered another carpet last month. Driver turned up 2 hours late. O apologies. Just came in and started to fit it. I went to check he was fitting underlay and wouldnt you know it. No underlay. I showed him my order form with underlay clearly marked and he said he (coincidentally) has some on the van and blamed the owner of the company for being old and forgetful.Make sure you check your products. Twice is not a mistake.

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Lived near this store for years and never went in, wish I had done sooner! Went in on Saturday needing a dressing table in white for my teenage daughter. Manager had no white ones in, but said he could make one. We went for that option as she really wanted white. Was delivered 5 days later just in time for Christmas! Very impressed. Price better than ikea and it was delivered already built for us so no trying to squeeze in the car and then building it all wrong because the husband doesn’t read the instructions... would definitely recommend if you need some furniture, I’ll defintely go back when we need something else :)

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Bit expensive got same carpet elsewhere for over 100 pound cheaper

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Large variety of rugs at very good prices

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Good service and reasonably priced goods

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Brilliant x

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