Sterling McCall Acura
10455 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074, United States
Review №1

I had an exceptionally great experience buy my car from Sterling Mccall Acura. I especially appreciated the personalized assistance given by Bobby Patel, who worked with me to find me a great rate for financing. Bobby answered all my questions, and helped me get the best deal to meet my needs. I also would recommend my sales associate Kenny, who worked with me to provide great customer service. I would recommend this dealership over any other dealership in the area for their transparency and willingness to please the customer.

Review №2

UPDATE (16 Sep 2020): Buyer beware! Do not pay for the Customer Protection Package (a $995 value). This package was to include wheel locks, ceramic window tint, and nitrogen filled tires. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate this price down; however, none of the items were included on the vehicle when I drove it home. It wasn't until I went to Discount Tire to have a leak repaired that they told me that the tires didn't have nitrogen in them. Additionally, the person at Discount Tire wouldn't even do the work because, not only did the vehicle not have wheel locks, it didn't even have the correct OEM lug nuts for the Acura. Lastly, the ceramic window tint wasn't even done on the vehicle (I confirmed this when I went back to the dealership to have them put lug nuts and wheel locks on the vehicle). It's true that the dealership corrected all of the items I should have received from the beginning; however, they were willing to allow me drive the car home hoping I wouldn't notice the items I paid for weren't done. Btw, wheel locks cost about $40, nitrogen in the tires (with lifetime refills) costs about $40, and a quality ceramic window tint costs about $350, so all in that should cost about $430, not $995.*******************************************************I had a wonderful experience at Sterling McCall Acura when I purchased a previously owned 2017 Acura ILX. Darrell Babineaux was extremely helpful in “virtually” showing the vehicle via FaceTime and the price was right. I expressed to Darrell that I needed the closing process to be very efficient because I limited time to sign the papers. When I arrived at the dealership, the car was prepped, and Darrell flipped me the keys and told me to take it for a spin. Upon my return Mr. Patel in finance had all the documentation prepared and I was in and out of the dealership in record time. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase, the manner in which I was treated and the general friendliness of the staff. There was a lot of sales activity going on, but I never felt neglected during the process.. I will definitively be returning to Sterling McCall when it comes time to trade my 2018 Accord Touring. Thanks to Sterling McCall Acura for an excellent experience.

Review №3

I am a loyal and frequent customer of their service department. I have ONLY used their service department since I moved to Texas 4 years ago.They are trustworthy and guarantee their products and services. I only make my appointments with Christian Gonzalez, he's fast, reliable, communicative, transparent, a problem solver, and his customer service is above reproach. My most memorable experience since COVID has come into play was when he ordered me an Uber to get home so I wouldn't wait in the waiting room! Christian's kind gesture almost took me out, it was unexpected, but it has literally made me a lifetime customer that will always recommend Sterling McCall Acura to my friends and family.

Review №4

I've been driving Acura for years and I prefer to lease my cars. Sterling McCall Acura is great! This time I worked with Hermie and Bobby who were fantastic! The GM, Kim was great too and even stepped in when they new I had a time constraint. I appreciate the team here and thank you to everyone! Very happy with my new MDX!!!

Review №5

I was a costumer from Gillman Acura. I leased 3 cars there and I'm so glad I moved to Sterling McCall Acura. Great price, great service and great deals. I really recommend it. Thanks for my 2020 AWD SPEC RDX

Review №6

Excellent Customer Service. Juan was very attentive, courteous and provided professional advice regarding addressing warrant issue on my car. 5 Stars.

Review №7

What a wonderful Salesman and management support! I am so happy right now! So professional and accommodating.I live in Ft. Worth, I thought I had to go to Houston to receive my new RDX. Salesman Kenny Chavis delivered my car right here in Ft. Worth. We went on a test drive and he educated me on every level about my new 2020 RDX. I'm sending my husband his way! Excellent customer service! Thank you for receiving me in to the Acura family!

Review №8

This was my first time coming to the dealership for Acura service and they have a new customer for good! I went in for a simple oil change and they made it just that, simple. David Gilbert was my service advisor and he went out of his way to take care of me and my car. They were even able to provide me a loaner for an hour so that I could run an errand and stay on my busy schedule. Thanks, David!

Review №9

Update: 5 days and still nothing from the GM after he stated he would look into my concerns 5 days ago. I even decided to send an email to the email he provided below and have yet to hear back. I also was charged $995 for their dealer plan which didn't not include window tint nor the custom wheel locks. Hopefully no one else falls for this scam as it seems like once you're out of the door this dealer doesn't care about your concerns.Purchased a vehicle from this location and before even deciding to buy I made sure to look over the vehicle and see if I can see anything visually wrong with the car. I advice the salesman that I want to take the car to a mechanic to get an inspection and get told by the salesmen “ our cars go through a rigorous inspection and if issues are found we make sure they are fixed and if not up to standard car goes to auction” so that gives me a piece of mind and I proceed with the purchase. 2 days later dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree and just about every light comes on. Sales guy has me take the vehicle to one of his mechanics where they tell me that “sensors were dirty and we took care of it”. Now I have an airbag light and low tire pressure system that constantly stays on. Yesterday I decided to take the car for a tire balance due to vibration at certain speeds and get told that both wheels on passenger side are bent.. now I have a vehicle that is potential road hazard. Not sure how these issues would not have been caught if car went through a rigorous inspection process. Definitely not coming back to this location and will never recommend this dealer to anyone.

Review №10

From the second year of my car ownership (since 2014), I have always taken my Acura to this service shop and even after 6 years, I still receive VIP service with competitive pricing on all services. They perform full inspection every time and provide report with current state of tire threads, brake pads, any recommended services and ensure the car is maintained at the highest standards. David Gilbert has always provided me up-to-date information while the car is in shop. Best of all, they do not enforce repairs and no price haggling. David works on providing the best price (in any available discounts).

Review №11

I had a great experience at Sterling McCall Acura on Labor Day. When I got out of my vehicle I was greeted by a very nice salesman by the name of Kenny Chavis. I already knew what I wanted and Kenny made sure that happened. He worked with my husband and I along with Johnny in finance to ensure my car note was where I needed it to be. Two thumbs up for Kenny for his professionalism and awesome knowledge of the vehicle. He gave us a step by step tutorial on the functions of my new 2018 Acura RDX. I would definitely recommend Sterling Mccall Acura as your dealership of choice and Kenny Chavis as your Salesman. Thanks again Kenny. Another great experience to put in my books during a pandemic!!

Review №12

David is great! Excellent service and follow through!!! He jumped through hoops to get us a loaner car and patiently reviewed necessary work to be done. He actually returned our phone calls and kept us updated on the status of parts and repairs.

Review №13

Our family has been a customer of Sterling McCall Acura for a decade plus now. We will continue to support Sterling McCall because of their hospitality and customer service acumen. From sale department to services and parts, they are all exceptional, truly outstanding. Thank you for taking care of all our needs. Acura quality/value is one of the best in the automotive industry.Acura Accelerates Aesthetics!

Review №14

My car had service for the first time at Sterling McCall Acura in Houston and I was very pleased with their professionalism, efficiency, and courtesy. Ismael let me know from beginning to end what was going on and even brought me the very dirty a/c and engine filters to show me they needed changing (I thought they had just been changed at previous service). Will definitely return for my future car needs when in Houston!

Review №15

While my sales rep, Shelby Easton is great, my overall experience is a zero because of the incompetence of the title/finance department, especially Bobby Patel. I have a case where my mailing address is different from my physical address. The auto registration needed both addresses and they had the example from the car which I traded in. Mr Patel assured me that he would talk to the registration/title folks and have them contact me to confirm that they were able to do this correctly. Of course he did not, and he denied saying that he would. I made more requests to have them follow-up and it did not happen. I now find out from the postal service that mail from Acura finance and Sirius, and possibly others, has been returned because they never got the addresses correct. No doubt this is also a problem with the registration.Besides the incompetence in filing my paperwork correctly, Mr Patel has poor listening skills (he tries to answer a question before you finish asking it, so he gets it wrong), he constantly interrupts, he clearly says whatever he thinks it will take to get you off the phone or out of his office, and he does not follow-up. Overall an extremely unsatisfactory experience. At this point I don't know what it will take for them to get this right.

Review №16

Danny Tran, our sales rep was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely patient. Bobby Patel took care of the financing and we were treated like VIPs. My wife and I admit this was easily the best car buying experience we've had. Sterling McCall Acura provides the best service with the friendliest staff and best deals hands down. Highly recommended!

Review №17

Ken Jones is amazing, he helped me even though I took a couple of days and got me into an amazing car that is perfect for my kids and myself!

Review №18

I had an appointment already set up by the time I got there, Darrel is an amazing guy, he got the car ready for us, helped us in the whole process, what amazed me the most is how fast these guys work, I spent 2 hrs the most at the dealership. Took off with my new car, Darrel followed up next day to make sure everything was ok with my car, which I personally appreciate a lot!We will definitely go back every time We need a car, I will recommend them always.

Review №19

Shelby was professional, he gave a detailed explanation and helped me make the right choice. Thank you very much. The business manager was also helpful. I'm satisfied with the service thanks guys!

Review №20

The best service technician, Ismael!!! He's the best, very friendly, super informative, and so professional. I've been coming here since 2014, even traded in my car for my current car. The only place I go to to get my Acura service, even after moving out of state, I'd still come back.

Review №21

I went to quite a few dealerships before ending up here because this location is on the other side of town. I am so glad I came here! Johnny Tran took care of me and he was very attentive, professional, and just overall amazing! The process went quick and smooth. He made sure my car was detailed and had my brake pads replaced before personally delivering my car to me. Go in and ask for Johnny Tran; I highly recommend working with him!

Review №22

We just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with our service manager Antonio Mora. He was friendly, prompt, and saved us some money. The car looks and drives great now. We will definitely request him in the future. Thanks Antonio!Joyce and Mark Mehaffey

Review №23

I assumed a big name dealer like Sterling McCall Acura would come with a good reputation and high quality service. I could not have been more displeased. The entire experience from the salesman to the finance department was just “off”. We felt pressured, rushed, and manipulated throughout the whole process. We wanted to have a 3rd party inspection company come in to look at the vehicle before purchasing a used car and the salesman tried to discourage us from doing so. Communication with the salesman was difficult, shady, and the information we were given kept changing. In the end, we really liked the car and decided we'd get it despite our odd interactions, assuming we wouldn't need to deal with them again after the sale. Unfortunately, a few days after getting home with the car, we noticed it's leaking oil. We called the salesman we worked with and he pretended it wasn't him, evaded our questions, and then hung up on us! We know it WAS him because he texted back a few minutes later saying he was busy. We're pretty easy going people and have bought several cars, new and used, and have NEVER had an experience like this.

Review №24

We went car shopping for my mom, saw an Acura online and went to the dealership right away and spoke with “Darrel Babineaux” who does Internet Sales, he was great to work with and we drove out the lot the same day! He was transparent, calm and patient to work with. This was a great dealership and as we worked our way to purchasing our vehicle everyone was nice. Go see Darrel Babineaux!!!

Review №25

Everyone was very friendly and informative. The main person that took care of me was Brandi and she was very nice, informative and attentive. Definitely coming back for future services ! :)

Review №26

In my opinion this dealership has one of the worst customer service standards ever. I bought a vehicle a week ago, when the vehicle was delivered the hood's latch was not working. On my way home I noticed one of the tire's pressure was considerably lower than the rest, next morning I took the vehicle back and told them the issue, I was told it was “fixed”, I had to take it back a few days later because the tire's pressure was low again, it turns out there was a nail on the tire in a part of it where ir cannot be fixed. I feel very concerned not only with the fact they deliver the car in that state or that I took it back and they failed to report the issue to me. I had to buy new tires (of course I bought them somewhere else because I don't feel comfortable with this dealership) because I was told “there was nothing they could do”. I will not recommend this dealership to anyone.

Review №27

If I could give Shelby 500 stars I would I was stuck in a position with little hope of being able to get out of after leaving a dealership 15 minutes away with some discouraging words before I turned into Sterling McCall Acura .Shelby had a great sense of humor patience and a thrive. We sat and negotiated a few numbers once he realized the big picture and he worked til he turned my nightmare back into a luxury reality. He is definitely the BEST SALESMAN of the YEAR in my book and I'm a new owner of Acura MDX!!

Review №28

This was my 1st time bringing my car here. Brandi was GREAT!! Thanks for a great 1st time. Looking forward fir many more. My car wash was so so, not complaining(itwasfree) Thank you.

Review №29

My service advisor Antonio was excellent! Very friendly and professional. He explained in detail everything that the technician recommended and found a loaner car for me so I didn't have to wait around for hours. I appreciate everything he did for me!

Review №30

The consultant is very professional and helpful. He explained each issue of my car in very detail and gave realistic suggestions. Excellent experience!

Review №31

I met with Darrel Babineaux a few weeks ago . He spent time with me to help me figure out which car I wanted . I researched the prices from other dealerships and went back to Darrel to give him first right of refusal. Darrel gave me a price I was happy with. Great service ! I would highly recommend purchasing a car through Darrel !!

Review №32

By far, the best car buying experience we have had. From Michael to Johny, our time was respected as things progressed very quickly through the buying process. I highly recommend this auto store.

Review №33

I had great experience with Sterling McCall Acura fixin my vehicle window. Antonio Mora was my advisor and he helped my car fixed very fast. I highly recommend this place for any service.

Review №34

I loved my experience with Darrel!! He was amazing and got us into a car we were not expecting. We were certainly thinking less than what he was. Abundance is everything!!! Him and his team (wish I could remember names) did a great job!! Very relaxing experience, not stressful at all!! Thank you Darrel amd Team again for our new car!!

Review №35

Always receive great and quick service here, most recently with David Gilbert being my service advisor. Comfortable waiting lounge, refreshments, work stations, and they are also accommodating outdoor seating and service during Covid.

Review №36

Great customer service. My Service Advisor went the extra step to see if my extended warranty would cover the issue although she was in doubt the claim would be approved. Very happy with the service I received.

Review №37

Great buying experience. Sales is top notch. Ask for Kenny. He is a real joy to work with, and goes above and beyond to make sure the customer walks away feeling good.

Review №38

Brandy Ramirez was such a delight to work with!From the first conversation about my car, to checking in, and then chatting about cars - she was awesome!Sure, you can get anyone to take your car in for service, but Brandy was energetic, funny, and very knowledgeable. I received updates along duration of my visit, which was very helpful in estimating the time that I would be home for dinner.Anyways, please please please acknowledge her great talent and professionalism in the next employee meeting!She rocks the super hero cape very well!!Thanks from one gear head to another!

Review №39

Kim Eddy was very accommodating to our schedule and we got exactly the price we were expecting. She went out of her way get all the paperwork done so we could pick the car up and leave town. No problems, no hassles, and very easily done. The car was all ready to go when we arrived. Never had a car buying experience go so smoothly!

Review №40

Shelby Eastin and his entire team at Sterling McCall Acura are terrific! I got a great price Shelby provided superb customer service and convenience by delivering new MDX to my home. The purchase process was stress free and they were upfront about cost and options. I will certainly recommend Shelby to anyone that is looking for a great buying experience.

Review №41

Took car in for routine detailing , was told detailing would be completed by EOB. Not only was the car not ready leaving me in a tight situation for work resulting in loss wages, but no formal communication was established to convey the car would need to be kept overnight . Service Advisor Brandy Ramirez reached out after hours to ensure that I not only received transportation to the dealership I was given a loaner for work. The five stars is for HER alone, the service technicians who specifically never even touched my car deserve less than one star

Review №42

STERLING McCall Acura definitely goes out of their way for the customer. Appointment times are flexible, the cost (unless something unexpected comes up) is discussed with you prior to taking your car back for service and now with the pandemic present, plastic covers for your seat, shifter and steering wheel are used. Service advisor Antonio Mora is as usual on top of his game not to mention extremely professional and courteous.

Review №43

Christian (Service Advisor) is awesome. During covid I had extreme troubles coming up with the money to get repairs done. My job kept promising me money that just wasn't coming in. I have a family to feed and support and Christian did all he could to work with us. Dude seriously has a heart! Needs to be promoted to management

Review №44

It never fails, I always get Excellent customer service at Sterling McCall Acura. When I leave it's with a sense of securities that my TL is in tip top working condition and safe to drive. My service Advisor Ismael #1 #100 the best.

Review №45

I had a great experience in both sales and finance departments. In sales, I had pleasure of working with the most patient and knowledgeable professional and finance sealed the deal with an awesome interest rate. I am very pleased with purchase of my CPO Acura - especially the warranty

Review №46

I could not have asked for better treatment. From meeting me at the airport to everyone at the dealership going out of their way to make me feel welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the entire experience. Thank you so much!

Review №47

Christian is my service advisor abd he's always friendly and goes the extra mile!!

Review №48

Very impressed with the knowledge of Darrell Lowe about the vehicles. He was patient and made sure my wife and I understood the many features I never knew existed. He applied no pressure just professionalism. He made sure we were happy with our purchase. We drove away with a new RDX.

Review №49

The customer service was top notch. I was happy with their service

Review №50

I made appointment one week ago for recall service, oil change and break flush. Considering long service waiting time, I reserved the rental vehicle. But at the day of service, I drove half hour to Sterling McCall, I was told no rental vehicle for me. I can't wait one day long there. Therefore, I gave it up. I want to say this is not first time for me. I want to say, if you do not have that service column, please don't accept so many appointments. Considering previous bad experience in Sterling McCall restoration center. I will not purchase vehicle from Sterling McCall again.

Review №51

I enjoy coming here for my car maintenance. They are profesional and customer service driven. Will continue to do business with them.

Review №52

Service today was excellent; although they were short staff; I didn't have a long wait time: I got in and out and of course my service rep Brandy was excellent as always. I would recommend her to anyone. She's very knowledgeable and does her job well. I really appreciate the service I received today. Thanks again BrandyMs Phoenix

Review №53

Our salesperson was Johnny Tran and he was very helpful. We came to an agreement fairly easily and wrapped up the deal quickly.

Review №54

My first horrible experience started while trying to purchase a new vehicle. I went in to try and buy a car however, they did not want to work with me. I ended up getting the same car I wanted from another Acura. My next experience was when it was time to get the car serviced and give me my complimentary oil change. He seemed to not only not know the policy as it relates to complimentary oil changes for customers that buy certified vehicles and he never tried to find out! Instead I had to call the dealership that I bought the car from to explain to him the policy. He said things like “well you need to call that dealership cause someone has to pay for this oil change”. I thinking sir you know have to trip about this one one oil change, you will definitely get my money for oil changes and more though out the duration of time I have this car. This was clearly not a dealership incentive this is an Acura incentive that applies to all. Then I get there to get my car, he didn't have the decency to pull my car up, instead he just handed me my keys. I then asked where is my car? He pointed in the direction of the car and pressed the panic button. Even with my Nissan vehicle i has never experienced this before! Then I get in my car and the mats were as dirty as they were when i dropped the car off. He tells me they don't detail just vacuum and wash. I understand that however while you are vacuuming it's nothing to go above and beyond and spray the mat with the same water you used to wash the car! I'm just over today's experience. My first experience as an Acura customer receiving service was awful! I will be driving out to go back to the dealership I bought the car from for Acura great customer service experience! I'm done with Sterling McCall Acura! Also, I decided to view yelp just to see was it just me. I quickly noticed that customer service is not their strong area. The district manager really needs to clean up that place. Left a very disgusting taste in my mouth. When you purchase luxury vehicles their is a certain level of customer service you expect that it seems this location doesn't offer.

Review №55

I brought a used MDX into Sterling McCall Acura for a PPI - Pre-Purchase Inspection. I've never owned an Acura before so this was important to me. Everything from scheduling the appointment to payment was super easy and FAST. The service was amazing. In particular, Brandy, my service advisor was literally like the angel I needed. She was so knowledgeable and gave me so much information about what to expect with owning an Acura. I can't wait to buy it. I'm so thankful to have such a great dealership near me and that Brandy is there to help me with anything I need. Truly outstanding place.

Review №56

David took care of my car today. It was in for an oil change and he gave me a comprehensive report on my car and his suggestions on what should be taken care of next. Car got a car wash too. Great service

Review №57

Ismael was excellent. Highly recommend him as an advisor. Very professional and sincere.

Review №58

In all the times I have taken cars for oil changes it has never taken 2 1/2 hours. It amazes me that Sterling McCall has not figured out the other dealerships you can have a service area strictly for oil changes. It happened last years and I thought it was a fluke be cause it was late in the day. Got there about 5:30 for my appointment and left there around 8:30. Never got my receipt. The service person was ready to go home. He told me he was going to email it to me. So this time I scheduled my appointment. Checked in around 11:20 and left there today, 8/10/20 at 1:30 for a simple oil change. So I am thinking that is just the way they do business. It is sad. The service person wasn't rude but he wasn't friendly either. Don't even know his name. Not happy with Acura simply for the service issues.

Review №59

Won't do business with any Sterling McCall ever againService is abysmally slow, with no contact unless you want to call 20min through three level robot menu and hold because the wrong guy picked up.Dropped off 0700, told ABS fix sure to be done that day. Had to call back 1700 to learn they didn't bother to send for parts until late, so wouldn't get done. Ended up holding car three days. Even then had to call them (through robots and hold) to learn status... and then still wasn't ready on time when arrived for pickup.This is third such lackadaisical service from SM. We're done.There are good auto dealers. This isn't one.EDIT: A week ago the manager posted a response to the above review, claiming their Service Director would be contacting me.A week ago. No contact.QED

Review №60

Awesome service! Kenny was my sales person and he was very professional. Love my new Accura

Review №61

My experience was amazing MJ was an awesome salesman,and I would recommend him to all my family and friends

Review №62

Very good service. Juan is a true professional. You Guys would do well to keep him!! Outstanding +.

Review №63

Ismael is awesome. He's friendly, attentive, and gets the job done. Because of my experience I'll keep going back.

Review №64

Well i had a good friend referred me to to this dearship the problem that I was having with my car. So he help me,and put me into a new car. I tell u God is good all the time..

Review №65

This review is about the Advisor (Brandy). She was great! She was very attentive and recommended what I needed now vs trying to tell me I needed everything under the sun done to my vehicle. I would come back and only work with Brandy. However, the wait time is ridiculously long. No fault to Brandy. She did mention the service team only has 2 guys working. It took 3.5 hours for an oil change and wheel alignment. This normally takes 45mins. There were no loaner cars available as they do not have adequate staffing

Review №66

Excellent experience.Dealer is definitely customer oriented.Will be recommending to friends and people I know.

Review №67

I would like to thank, Tim - the Service Department Manager, for his hospitality and his professionalism and for restoring my faith of the Acura brand here in Texas. Tim met my expectation of a Service Department Manager by being excellent on the telephone, by listening well, and by taking care of my needs with ease.Job well done, Tim.I also want to thank, David - my Service Adviser, for his courteousness and competency. David was an excellent service adviser to me by making himself fully available, by answering all of my follow up questions honestly and by expertly addressing my additional concerns very politely.Kudos to you, David.I was genuinely relieved to have found such an excellent Acura dealership that performed to a level of courteousness and professionalism that I have grown accustomed to of Acura back home in Orange County, CA.Again, I want to thank Tim and David for a job well done. I will be rewarding your hard work by only visiting your Acura dealership whenever I am in town and my vehicle needs service.

Review №68

Very professional dealership. They didn't pressure to try and make a sale. Bobby Patel and Adnan made buying a car painless . I will be returning to purchase a vehicle my wife in the future.

Review №69

Such wonderful service from Sterling McCall Acura. Ishmael was my service provider and wonderful! No complaints here!

Review №70

I love Brandy she always takes good care of me and advises me well when I need things to be attended to.

Review №71

After a horrible experience at Gilman Acura. I came to see Mike at this location and left with the car I love! He was very nice and made sure all the noticeable comestic flaws I pointed out were taken care of before leaving the dealership. I would've given them 5 stars, but the fianance manager wasn't the best. He was so pushy with extended warranties and all the extra stuff I didn't need or want. But overall it was a nice experience.

Review №72

Great customer service by Brandy every step of the way! I was nervous because I had not reveived so good service at other dealerships in the past. Now I trust that if she will be my agent, I will always go to Sterling McCall. Thx?

Review №73

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Sterling-McCall Acura. I live in St. Louis and flew down to Houston on a Saturday. Despite booking the flight the night before & not giving them much notice, they were ready & waiting for me when I arrived at the dealership (close to closing mind you)! They treated me like a long lost relative they couldn't wait to see & whom they had all the time in the world for!They walked me through all of the features of my pre-owned RDX, along with syncing my car with the Acura Link application on my phone, familiarizing me with all the features the car has (which is substantial, even as a base model)!Signing the financial paperwork with Bobby was also an enjoyable and efficient experience! Not to mention, the comfort of having one of the most inclusive car warranties in the industry! Acura does things right & they back up their vehicles knowing that they make an exceptional product that is built to endure whatever your life has in store for it!They topped me off with gas, ensured I had snacks and beverages for the drive home and even checked in to make sure I made it back safely.Buying a car is something that Sterling-McCall has turned into a genuinely wonderful experience and I would highly recommend considering them for your next vehicle purchase... Because they aren't just here for buying a car, but for making you part of the family for the life of your car (Unless you live 12 hours away haha! That would make an afternoon oil change into a roadtrip).

Review №74

Brandy Ramirez has been taking care of me for awhile now. She's very good explaining and communicating the services needed for my car. I would definitely recommend going to her. Thank you for everything Brandy!

Review №75

Darrell was our sale rep and he was amazing. He went above and beyond to fullfil our expectations. He approved us for more than we could expected. He was very professional in every aspect and we felt comfortable working with him. Thank you Darrell for all you did, keep up the great work!

Review №76

Got service finished from the gentleman David. Nice and fast. Thank you so much.

Review №77

My experience at Sterling McCall Acura was excellent. I made an appointment online and as soon as I arrived I was taken care of. They offered coffee and snacks in the waiting area. And the gentleman that took care of me was very professional and polite.

Review №78

I had a great experience overall with my purchase. I worked with MJ. He was always a great communicator and made the buying experience really easy. I don't like to be “sold” or “forced into” things I don't feel I want/need. Michael never pushed me into anything I didn't want. Thanks to everyone that worked with me.

Review №79

Kenny and his sales manager were awesome. Got the car and price for it that I wanted. Only reason I gave 4 star was because front brakes was making a squeaking noise. I had to take to brake shop to have looked at. Nothing major, just rust build up from not being driven in a while. It did cost me $40 plus my time. I feel it should have been addressed before delivering it. Test drive and delivery was done at once. Sales manager reassured me that car was in tip top shape and he knew owner who traded it in.

Review №80

Easy in and out, not very often you experience in car purchase. Johnny Tran and Shelby made it very pleasant experience.

Review №81

Excellent service. Made my appointment online, super quick and easy. They were super polite and the service was quick.

Review №82

I am give 4 stars and not 5 for the reason is the vehicle I choose will it be worth what I will pay. Only time will tell. Nothing to do with staff because they were fast, kind, and honest. Darrell made the process go smooth. And Bobby help me get the best rate and right payment plan to meet my financial stability. I think a review should be for every aspect of the business not just personal. Thank you . And Jesus be glorified!!!

Review №83

Antonio was great. He took care of me in a timely & professional manner for my B1 service.

Review №84

Booked an online appointment for oil change with coupon within 30 min of arrival. ThEy we're ready. They asked owner to drop the key in a zip loc bag which I thought was a good way to keep it from being touched by different people. The service and wash was done in about an hour. Smooth and easy. Great job.

Review №85

David was awesome to work with today. They were super busy but maintained professionalism. As always, we will be back for service.

Review №86

I recently purchased a vehicle from Sterling McCall Acura. Daryl Babineaux was my sales agent. My experience was great. I really appreciate his dedication to work and commitment to provide great customer service . Daryl was aware that I did not want to spend much time at the dealership, therefore, he was expedited the sales, but did not compromise customer satisfaction. by having. The sales team worked hard to negotiate a fair deal which lead to the purchase of my RDX. I will recommend the dealership to friends and colleagues looking to purchase an Acura vehicle, Thanks Daryl

Review №87

Prompt service-exactly what I needed. Very polite and thorough.

Review №88

David the service advisor did a fantastic job of making sure that my vehicle was serviced in a very timely fashion and that all service was performed was done properly. His friendly, helpful personal attention is highly appreciated and indicative of the professionalism exhibited by the staff and service department. Please be sure to convey my deepest appreciation to him for his help today and job well done!!!Much thanks, Dr. Wayne Bolander

Review №89

I have been using this dealership for car maintenance for the past 8 years. Everyone is just awesome!

Review №90

Quality work and service. Only a few issues. Car had oil smudges on drivers side door and steering wheel slightly nicked. However, the service rep quickly took care of the oil smudges and extended the option to bring the car back if I wanted washed again since it had been out in dust that day. I bought my car at this dealership, so they have been taking good care of me for years now.

Review №91

Kenny, with Sterling McCall Acura, was such a pleasure to work with. He was beyond helpful, professional, and incredibly friendly. I can't recommend him or his team enough!

Review №92

Muhammad was our sales rep. He was very nice and helpful. I fully expected the sales rep to be pushy, but Muhammad was not at all.Very pleasant experience. We went to look at a used/certified MDX and he was helpful by having it ready and disinfected when we arrived. (We all wore masks and he had on gloves as well) After a test drive and discussing our desires, he suggested we consider a brand new one. We ended up buying a brand new one! They had really great incentives and it's the first brand new car we have bought in 30 years!

Review №93

Service Representatives are very helpful and attentive to resolving my issues.

Review №94

Overall, my experience with Acura was 5/5 stars. From beginning to end the Acura team at Sterling McCall was professional, efficient and knowledgable. Emad Oweineh was my sales representative throughout the entire process. His knowledge about the vehicles, communication and ‘no gimmick' attitude puts him in a superior class. I highly recommend doing business with the Acura team, specifically Mr. Oweineh, in future vehicle endeavors.

Review №95

Great customer service. I was lucky to be able to work with Juan. He helped me every step of the way and never pressured me to make a purchase. Unfortunately, I was unable to get into the vehicle I initially wanted but Juan continued to work with me over a few days to find something right for my budget. Ultimately, I decided against a big purchase at the time but they were still extremely helpful and understanding. Juan and Bobby (Finance) were great, and I would definitely recommend working with them!

Review №96

Great service here. The associate Brandy Ramirez is a wonderful person to work with. She knows her job very well. Whenever i go there i want to wor k with her only. Five star ssrvice.

Review №97

Brandy Ramirez is my Service Advisor. She is an amazing listener, very intuitive, and embodies the special care and service provided at Sterling McCall Acura. Customer since 2014

Review №98

I received excellent services from the whole time that helped me to finish the transaction. Everything went smoothly.Love Acura!

Review №99

Sterling McCall Acura is absolutely the best! My husband and I have purchased three cars from there so far. Be sure and ask for D. Lowe.

Review №100

My service advisor was Ismael. He was very professional and friendly at the same time. He knows his stuff in and out and took care of my vehicle need. I really recommend him to anyone who would like to get their Acura services at sterling Mcall Acura in hey 59 and beltway 8. Again I have dealt with him on multiple occasion and he has always come across very helpful and friendly. Based on my experience, I would give him 5 stars rating.

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