Wheatcroft Way, Derby, DE21 4RY, United Kingdom
Review №1

I felt fairly safe compared to other stores and its very well stocked and has some great deals

Review №2

This Morrison store, well located, huge and you can get most of daily base products.Kida okay tidy in and out of the building.Nice music in the background.Staff members maybe not the most friendly but average, I have seen worse. Despite everything I would like to prise all of their staff members as they are working harder than usual due this pandemic.I will go back for sure.

Review №3

Easy too locate isle system with a variety of clothing, food, health ect. Good parking facilities

Review №4

Visited at what would seem to be the best time of the day 2.30pm. Store not busy so was able to do my important shopping without having to rush and worry about people not social distancing. Got all the wine and beer needed for our family reunion this weekend. Hope the weather holds.Staff on checkout great so good when not busy. Thanks Morrison's good offer on the wine to boot.

Review №5

Everything you need and excellent fresh vegetables and meat and fish and great drink bargains.

Review №6

I will share the "positives" and the "negatives", however I do believe my negative aspect is very serious!POSITIVE:I do my week shopping every weeks in Morrison's. In general the relation between price/quality is good. I love the fact you have fishmonger there as it is not very easy to find fresh fish (however it could have a bit more variety).The bakery has really good bread. In the bakery there is a man I do believe his name is Alastair (tall blond man with glasses) that is very very nice. Me and my partner we love the brown bread with pumpkin seeds and once we could not find it so we asked this gentleman if he had one in his stock that he could put on the oven for us. Since that time every time we go there and we see him he is always asking if we need the bread and when we say “yes, please” he is really helpful and puts the bread in the oven just for us.I would like to say thanks to him for being so nice!However I do have one BIG COMPLAINT to do !Well as I am reducing the meat consumption I decided to buy some vegetarian food from Morrisons, however, I am pretty sure that what I found in one of the meatballs is not on the ingredient's list. This is unacceptable, in my opinion, because we believe we are buying healthy food and then at the end of the day we can find these strange ingredients.I do believe Morrisons should be aware of the quality of the food they are selling because this is the SECOND time I found this strange paper inside vegetarian food that this supermarket is selling. Then, of course, people get food poison and can get sick with this kind of products. This is just ridiculous!

Review №7

Not a bad store, quite busy at the time we visited, got what we needed, asked for donuts as there was none on shelf, lady very kindly gave us some super freshly baked ones from bakery! Happy customer

Review №8

Nice to see that they are directing customers to tills again. These days it's nice to feel safe when doing your shopping. The staff are so friend and there all doing a great job. Thank you

Review №9

Very good for prices. Fruit and veg with quiet short sell buy dates which means you have to visit twice a week. But can't complain on the pricing. Room to park here and friendly staff.

Review №10

Cafe = Good value, friendly ladies on the till but lacks management and direction. Often breakfast luke warm and often no stock of various items. If after a cheap breakfast good option but if can afford/ have time go elsewhere.

Review №11

There's a lot going on in this store, sometimes feels like they are cramming more goods in than they have room for. On the flip side, always well stocked

Review №12

Lovely, we waited like it said to be seated, (shame others cant read..)Service was fast we were seated first. Then went and selected our food, childrens meals are free after 4pm if buying an adult polite friendly staff.. Would recommend

Review №13

I have been a good customer and been going to our local Morrison's Store for very many years. However, last Thursday (30/08/20) I went to the fish monger and purchased a whole salmon. I asked the staff to clean, cut and divide the fish into cutlets. Today I wanted to roast the salmon but found out that the staff did not remove the fish scales. Totally disappointed.

Review №14

Visited the Derby store today and was disappointed to see the queue system for the tills had been removed. I preferred the one queue system as I believe it is much easier to keep 2 metres distance and stopped bumping into people who were queuing for individual tills. A step backwards I'm afraid and one that in my opinion is not as safe. Conversations had with a couple of members of staff only highlighted that I'm not on my own. Please managers bring back the one queue system....

Review №15

Easy parking open times to suit most people easy access in stores good variety of most things and prices are competitive with most other shops enjoyable experience

Review №16

One of my favourite supermarkets to shop.good prices and choice and a very good selection of wine.staff are always friendly

Review №17

Good shop, got everything you need.

Review №18

Excellent environment variety of stock love it always suggest to visit at night times

Review №19

Very easy to find everything. Staff are always polite and helpful

Review №20

It was packed .People were doing what they wanted .Some staff were really trying their hardest.But I got a women on the selfscan that couldn't say please or thank youAnd was quite rude .

Review №21

Great place for great foods. Price can sometimes be way cheaper or pricier. Overall, good place to shop.

Review №22

Great selection of fish and fruit well set out and safe

Review №23

Straight in and out. Whole salmon £18 brilliant.

Review №24

Stress free shopping. Got everything I needed.Lots of hard sanitiser around the shop.

Review №25

Always a pleasure to shop here. Covid measures in place and cheerful, friendly staff.

Review №26

Shopping no problem, some good offers. Small queues. Well done to cafe staff for dealing with lots of diners and covid issues.

Review №27

Absolutely adore Morrison's! Lovely staff and great service! Never afraid to answer any enquiries or questions you may have

Review №28

My favourite supermarket. Love their doughnuts! Currently they have Halloween doughnuts with green filling

Review №29

Very quiet at 6amStaff wearing masks Easy checkout

Review №30

Love this shop .even in lockdown queing outside the staff were singing and dancing to make our waiting outside go quicker.good selection of food.always fresh .

Review №31

Great food good prices and good service

Review №32

The young lady at the till was one of the most pleasant assistant in coffee bar i have ever come into contact with lovely smile also the young man that served our meal hope you can pass this on to them credit to morrisons and give them the credit they deserve

Review №33

I was taken by surprise by the number of people filling and transporting amazon prime bags must be covid 19 thing. On the upside Ned sauvignon bkanc was on offer happy days.

Review №34

A good store to shop at for things you need

Review №35

Very good and everyone was very helpful and felt safe which is good at this time

Review №36

Absolute diabolical service from their delivery dept.Dropped and smashed many items to be delivered to my son who is out of work and on a very low income of benefit.He was told that I (the payee) will receive a refund on the items smashed, but that's of little use to my son as I live 75 miles away and can't myself afford this week to place another £40+ order to replace the smashed items.Morrisons should replace like for like items ASAP for all the aggravation and inconvenience caused!

Review №37

Good place to shop. We very seldom encounter queues and checkouts readily available. If you want just gardening stuff, it's outside complete with till so you don't have to go in the store.

Review №38

Very busy some good bargin buys and nice lunch in cafeteria

Review №39

Nice food, and place did their best with covid, sadly limited vegetarian options

Review №40

I always shop at MorrisonsYou can rely on quality food and service. Thank you Morrisons.It is a shame though that you have had to reduce selection of items. Quite a few that I brought!!

Review №41

Do like the cafe fish and chips always for me

Review №42

Nice fresh meat and a great range of fresh fish

Review №43

Unfortunately this is one supermarket that isn't quite getting it right with regards to social distancing. I visited with my husband to purchase some autumn clothes for my children and it wasn't long before we realised that the queuing system for the tills was made to file through the Nutmeg isles. On quiet days im sure this works well but our experience was awkward, not only for us but also for other customers. We felt we had to stop looking and just join the queue.Nutmeg is such a good clothing brand, especially for the young children, that we make special journeys to get what they need many times a year but after this experience I shall have to see whats available online (usually not much) instead of visiting the store because I just didn't feel safe..sorry Morrisons, but I don't visit any other stores that have this system in place..and its probably because it doesnt work when your busy

Review №44

Great value and choice also some excellent offers. Great store in horrible times!

Review №45

Excellent service and cheerful staff who go the extra mile to help. Always a pleasure to visit.

Review №46

The fresh stuff veg, salad and meat seems to go off pretty quickly

Review №47

Well what can I say a very good All round performance.

Review №48

Excellent selection, competitively priced. Nhs discount continues

Review №49

-nothing to complain about!

Review №50

Always clean and well stocked with friendly staff. Clean facilities and excellent quality products.

Review №51

Plenty of choice, great produce and all at sensible prices, not as many offers on at the moment but the quality is good ,especially the fruit and vegetables section. A good system is in place for queuing at the checkout.

Review №52

Excellent store, well set out and my items were easy to find,

Review №53

Great place to shop and friendly staff who go out their way to help you when they are busy. Good car parking even the staff who collect trolley's. Even admire Morrisons employing the older generation they still have a big part to play and it's good when companies still allow the old people to carry on working good on you Morrisons.

Review №54

Wonderful meal in the cafe and very good distance put in place for shopping and cafe.

Review №55

Morrisons good shop all fresh counters open big box of wonky veg only £3 last us all week we will be back

Review №56

Morrison's is a good place to shop with well stocked shelves etc but since covid-19 once you have entered the store there is no organisation at all. Staff don't adhere to the social distancing rules and People just walk around in all different directions, making social distancing at times not possible. I personally think there should be a one way system put in place.

Review №57

Good quality fruit veg meats

Review №58

Good supermarket, wish we had one near us.

Review №59

Good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Price a bit higher than the German Supermarkets but more choice on top brands.

Review №60

Nice clean environment like shopping here.

Review №61

Gr8 easy parking clean well set out store

Review №62

Prefer asda for choice sorry morrisons

Review №63

Visited Morrison's cafe in Derby, ordered brunch, took half hour to come and was cold sent it back and got a refund. Ordered mokka to drink, wasn't mokka just coffee. Didn't give me a menu so had to ask. Won't be visiting again.

Review №64

Gearing up for Christmas. Stock everywhere, especially alcohol

Review №65

Shopping fine but when coming to pay had to queue around 3 Isles because only three tills open when it reached nearly five Isles someone had sence to get some staff and open more. Won't be coming back in a hurry

Review №66

Quality store, quality products & quality staff

Review №67

Too busy, not enough distancing and could have been managed better

Review №68

Good range of stuff at sensible prices. Have been sensible during the Corona crisis as well.

Review №69

Not a good experience. Check out staff bullying in people into going to checkouts they don't want to.(Diane) . I won't be bothering with any Morrisons ever again...Im sure Asda will welcome my custom... Costumer service seem to have been forgotten or lost during these times........

Review №70

Fairly quiet and well organised shopping experience. Not the cheapest store tho

Review №71

OK food the lasagne was oliyThe covid 19 precautions that have been put in place are great and I felt very safe

Review №72

Lovely and airy in store. Great range of products and usually a very good customer service. Some checkout staff can be a bit whingy at times but they're otherwise pretty friendly. With the lockdown, there is no one way system in place which makes finding what you want easier, but some aisles get crowded. They've got evenly spaced open checkouts which helps social distancing.

Review №73

Always a pleasant experience and they seem to be the only place around that sells salt and pepper rolls

Review №74

It's a good Morrisons! am I picky when i, an elderly pensioner and a lady with walking difficulties had to walk up and down 3 isles when in the end, there was no one queuing. They don't have that flexibility like Lidl, e.g. if queues are forming, another member of staff is summoned temporarily to reduce the queues. Maybe in this case, the lady on crowd control should have seen the situation and done more than comiserate with us after our trek

Review №75

What a delight to shop at this store despite the current situationThe staff are so polite from the personnel on the door to the cheerful checkout staff keep up the good work and keep safe thank you

Review №76

One of the best supermarkets I have visited during lockdown. Very well organised and well stocked.

Review №77

Very unorganised when it comes to queuing for tills and self checkout, plus a couple of shop floor employees weren't that helpful either, as it's been a while since I've last been as all the ailses to the tills were now barricaded off and is now a one way queuing system, as I only had a basket with few items in, tins of baby milk, bread and sugar, I wasn't sure where the queue was and I was told by one employee to join the main till queue for the self checkout which was round by the clothes section for which I was queuing for 15 mins not that I mind given the circumstances, only to see that shoppers that were not in the queue were going to straight to the self checkouts from another route, now to be given wrong information from the employee really ticked me off, but I still waited in the queue as I was right at front.Then the other employee whom was guiding shoppers to the tills asked if I was paying cash or card, I said cash, she then told me to wait where I was and proceeded to let other shoppers behind make their way to the tills, so I said I wanted to use the self checkout, she said you can use that if you want, well yeah that is what I wanted to do in the first place.Now I know it's hard for the employees and the pressure is on them due to the current situation, but there needs to be better ways of organizing the queuing system in regards to signs of where to pay other than the ones on the floor with the 2 metre direction arrows of where to stand there are no others that tell one where to pay for tills or self checkout and for the employee that told me queue in the till checkout queue when I didn't need to need to be reassessed in the system.

Review №78

All the family needs, but I only wanted some drumsticks and refresher sweets. Only packs with other stuff in, for Halloween, but found a few xxx

Review №79

Safe shopping experience.

Review №80

Massive queue to get to the checkouts no scan & go wasn't worth the effort won't be going back

Review №81

What a delight to shop at this store despite the current situationThe staff are so polite from the personnel on the door to the cheerful checkout staff keep up the good work and keep safe thank you, you should be very proud of yourselves

Review №82

Great gluten free selection

Review №83

Food was good shop had what we wanted

Review №84

Ok good selection of beer

Review №85

Breakfast not hot waited 20 minutes for food to arrive so coffee had gone cold by then, poached eggs cold. They should inform people how long till food arrives so you can get your coffee nearer this wait. Table 13 not clean, lady puts her hands all over the tea spoon whilst handing to you. Asked for refill of coffee to go with breakfast but told NO. NOT GOOD.

Review №86

Great super market.

Review №87

Gary Stevenson good idea letting people with baskets to rush round followed a customer with a basket checked all the dates on certain items and only bought 3 items out for a jolly

Review №88

Not interested in customers safety. If you have an incident, they won't release cctv. Next time you are shopping, I'm agine you are hurt in some way, then imagine they ownt release the cctv to convict these people. Leaving them free to do it again.

Review №89

I was on the computer from 6pm until around 1 in the morning yesterday. Trying to place an order for my son, who has no food and no money. The site after about 3 hours let me get in to order the shopping, however, I couldn't get in to put my debit card details, after having to change my account into my sons name before it would let me give my sons address for delivery. I then went into every place I was told to to try and sort this but the only place I couldn't get into was to reserve a slop. therefore the shopping is still sitting in the basket, I cant get in again but I know have to join the first queue for another few hours I guess. I could not find a telephone number to get assistance and the email I sent has been ignored. I shall NEVER USE Morrisons again and I shall ensure that all of my friends are aware of what has happened.

Review №90

Went in quickly then 45 min in checkout queue going through clothing department no way out covid risk and fire hazard.

Review №91

Social distancing in the store, including staff near customers, is a worry. Thursday morning a lot of empty shelves looking like they hadn't been filled rather than shortages.

Review №92

Bad. The queue system is back in place and it was queuing all round the store! Horrendous, won't be going back.

Review №93

Just a regular Morrisons. Traffic is always bad getting in & coming out though

Review №94

Great for a good shop

Review №95

Always well stocked, good handling of social distancing, plenty of sanitising stations around, friendly staff

Review №96

Lovely helpful staff. Other than that your typical morrison

Review №97

Really organised with social distancing hand sanitizer etc staff really helpful

Review №98

Good quality with good price

Review №99

Horrendous not enough till open and the self service keeps breaking

Review №100

It always been a better experience supermarket to shop at but recently with covid-19 the queueing system seems to be unnecessarily complicated, this stops me giving them a 5

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