The Co-operative Food - Ashbourne Road, Derby
Ashbourne Rd, Derby, DE22 3AF, United Kingdom

Review №1

Just been into this store this a.m. The woman at the till had a Bob with red ends, small stout woman. She proceeded to try and discuss and make assumptions about my personal life Out of the Blue! I do not use this store often or wish to discuss my personal life with total strangers at a till. Totally unacceptable..perhaps some social skill training would be beneficial for this woman.

Review №2

Visited this store this morning and the two staff I spoke to were so helpful! A young man over heard me telling my little girl that they did not have any cheese rolls, he went into the back to find some and I didn't no he had even heard us, it was so lovely. My daughter was happy. And the lady who served us swapped our pack of two jacket potatoes for a pack of four that was on offer to clear. Every little helps also they do Costa coffee

Review №3

As usual the co op was great, always got what you need. Excellent staff.

Review №4

Always a good place to stop over for when you're going through there from uni to my house. There is a student discount scheme to help you with the costs of everything. It's a 10% discount if you sign up on their website. I'm not 100% if the scheme is still there. Worth asking inside, the staff are always ready to help. However, there is always an amazing deal foron their frozen isle where it's a 5 items for £5. It's so great and I think helped me with my low food budget! Would recommend!

Review №5

Shocking. Staff not adhering to social distancing. 2 men adjusting shelf right next to me at the till. I advised 4 people within 2m. Guy behind screen at till to ok. Moving a shelf is not important. 1 chap did move away. I asked 3 times for the other guy to move but didn't.

Review №6

Friendly and helpful staff. Great selection of items. The quality of the fresh food and meats far surpasses that of other major stores. Shelves always stocked, with great sell by dates. Pleasure to use this store!

Review №7

Horrible place to go in derby . Still don't know how they can have 4 stars lol . queues after queues when staff could go on tills instead being 1 members of staff service all the costumers .Also seen some reviews with pictures inside th store with consumers showing up . That's called date of protection they not allowed to be showed for public

Review №8

Big clean tidy shop, there is parking, but it can get busy there, cash point available ...

Review №9

Always was happy by the service untill today..The lady (don`t know the name but will find out..) in her 45-55 years with the long brown hair in ponytail, very insulted me.Came to buy a 'monster' energy drink. When i was coming to the till the lady cashier was staring at my face very angry and rude. I felt very uncomfortable and didn`t know what is her problem. She asked me ID. I only had my ISIS card. She didn`t like it. She said that i need to have a passport or driving licence. I did show her that there is my birth date but she wasn`t happy and didn`t approve it. By the way, i bought that energy drink before and she never asked me any ID. So if she would ask me my ID last time i would know that I need to bring my ID this time and it wouldn`t be a waste of time. Anyway, i didn`t have my passport or driving licence because i came just for shopping. I said that i only have ISIS but there is my birth date on it. Then she said: i can`t sell it to you because you look cracked.. I was in a big big shock... I was never so humiliated in my entire life.. I came to buy an energy drink after my long hard shift at work and i needed more energy as i needed to study and prepare for my coming exams and i was very tired and she just insulted me. If she doesn`t like my looks doesn`t mean she can insult me. It`s not acceptable.. If i would look older (I`m 22 but i look very young) i don`t think she would have a courage to insult me that way (even if i would be really cracked).However, i will give you a five stars because i don`t think it`s fair that because of one lady the whole company will suffer.

Review №10

Great handy supermarket, reasonably priced, good selection, staff are super friendly, patient and helpful. Spacious carpark. Gas/electric/ phone top up available. Cash back available, plus cash machine just outside. Perfect local supermarket.

Review №11

One of my favorite stores, they have a large stock of various goods, the staff are very helpful and polite. Sale by date food reductions usually take place around 11am onwards for those of you looking for a quick bite to eat.

Review №12

Everything is fine however when I asked the price of a pack of cigarettes he said he cannon tell me the price as it is againt the law? I asked another woman who worked there and she said that it is not against the law as they can show us to price list. Other than this everything is fine.

Review №13

Very helpful staff, always fully stocked and just about enough parking spaces for when it gets busy!

Review №14

What an experience in the Co op. Staff are ignorant and think they have the right to publicly humiliate you because you are not from England. Now as a student town many different nationalities would be attending college meaning they would not posses any type of English Id but Id from there countries Which is widely accepted everywere else. The bold mid 40s staff member made an issue because I am from the Republic of Ireland. I didnt know that was a crime by the way.I am extremely annoyed that another staff member stepped in and was more abusive in the situation. It seems that people who cannot count or have some sort of respect are employed by this company which is an awful shame as a representation of your brand.3 seperate occasions I have been asked for Id even when I wasnt buying products that required Id. The management should have a think about the staff they hire and probably use one of them universities there educate to an acceptable standard or how to add and subtract.

Review №15

As a tourist found plenty to choose from to select that nights dinner! The shop next door was very expensive! Staff were very friendly and chatty, big shop with large selection of food. Car park charges are a rip off, park elsewhere.

Review №16

Great staff very friendly would definitely recommend

Review №17

Co-op Derby Ashbourne road is nice with friendly service and assistance, convenient for university students and local people; worth a visit

Review №18

Close to my house...not as expensive as people put it...infact it's customer service...has everything....I need..just lucky I live near

Review №19

Co-operative advertise a student discount on the NUS card itself. This store opened not that long ago smack bang in the middle of student accomodation land but does not accept NUS cards. Capitalising on students by siting the store here but not recognising NUS does not fit into the Co-operative ethos as I understand it, and leaves a bad taste in ones mouth.

Review №20

Happy that it is so close to student Accomodation. I am disappointed however that my NUS card was denied even though it says - on the very card- that it should.

Review №21

I pop in here on the way to work. Always friendly, polite and courteous.

Review №22

Overpriced, poor choice (continually getting poorer), don't accept the NUS 10% off, have a different loyalty scheme to the general Co-op stores.

Review №23

As usual a good Co-op store

Review №24

Very rude staff

Review №25

Helpful staff, well stocked

Review №26

Super helpful and kind staff, convenient location

Review №27

Great food. Great prices

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  • Address:Ashbourne Rd, Derby, DE22 3AF, United Kingdom
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  • Phone:+44 1332 341697
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  • Women-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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