Samis Wholesale Cash & Carry
82, 89 Cecil St, Birmingham B19 3SU, United Kingdom
Review №1

Nice packaging. Bought fresh fish. I was wondering how it will come . To my surprise all item nicely packaged. Fresh. I have introduced all my friends. I live a bit distance from Birmingham but everything always come in early and fresh.Overnight stayed out and my fish was still fresh.

Review №2

Going to a party and you don't know where to get the latest Fabric ? No worry, Go to Sami's, There are different types/design of Fabrics, shoes, bags and jewelry upstairs that will make you slay at any party you're going.Here is the ideal place to shop all AFRICAN! FOOD AND FABRICSThis is stress free shopping.

Review №3

There is nothing quite like Samis in Birmingham and I am thrilled to see a black owned, african owned business and one-stop shop for my cooking needs. This alone needs to be commended. I gave the shop three star because even though the selection of products is 5 star the actual shopping experience really hinders that.1) Upon entering the shop there is always an odour, a strong odour of fish and meat. My friend who I took to Samis thought instantly the food in there must not be fresh, and we were taken aback until we approached the butchers section. I don't know why this is but I think the customer experience would be greatly improved if the meat and fish smell is contained, at least to the butchers section.2) As most cash and carry stores, vegetables are often discounted if they are not fresh. But I have neen disappointed to find spinach, vegeatbles, and other greens being sold even though they are past ripe and are starting to spoil. Again at times these items have given off a smell and considering their proximity to the shop entrance, this gives off a bad first impression.As I am an architect by trade of course I could start nitpicking the shop's layout but I think this is fine and will naturally be improved as the shop grows, but I think if the two points above can be improved the shop will attract more people, and not just africans. The shop will be a convenient place, a home from home to older people and the younger generation who want to try and buy African food.Great things about the shop again is the range of food, the hot food and pastries which are always delicious. The suya grill outside and the convenience!I don't mind the pricing, for me African food is a treat and often is of a higher quality than your typical supermarket knick-knacks.I hope this does not offend the owner, I say this as honest feedback. I will continue to support Samis and see positive things in its future.

Review №4

The Perfect One-stop for groceries for any African- Caribbean. And affordable too.The staff is also very welcoming and supportive.As a Nigerian IMG, it made me glad I chose to live in Birmingham.

Review №5

This is easily the number one place to shop for African and Caribbean foods and other daily items in not just Birmingham but the whole West Midlands. I say this cos of the wide range of items they stock. What is most impressive is that they cater for wholesale and retail and their price is unbelievable low compared to other shops. They sell some rare Nigerian items that you will be pleasantly surprised to find there like grinding stones, mortars, brooms, chewing sticks, kilishi etc.There food stuffs are always fresh and the meat/ fish/ poultry section is fantastic.Another major reason to like Samis Wholesale is because it is a great place to stock up when you want throw a party cos you will find your favourite Nigeria beer and soft drinks in ample supply there. There is reasonable free parking available and I give the toilet 4/5 stars.One of the best things Samis Wholesale has going for them is their staff. They are very helpful, professional and friendly staff with ready smiles on their faces. I single out a chap named Celestine for always making customers feel special.They offer delivery and online services which I have found very reliable.I honestly only have good things to say about this establishment and I overwhelmingly recommend it.PS. It's great that Samis Wholesale now has a bar/ restaurant next door - Empress Bar. I have also noticed the same excellence at Samis Wholesale being replicated there.

Review №6

Great store all round, they have a variety of foods from different African countries too wich is very impressive. Customer service is good, by the men there mostly. The only fault I would say is the women who work in the shop have a very bad attitude, an envious and jealous aura, which can be quite unwelcoming. However if you're like me, this behaviour shouldn't deter you from going there.

Review №7

Good supermarket, plenty food inside and outside of the shop. Meat suya is good for the money.

Review №8

It has great food and drinks to offer but it is a bit pricey

Review №9

Great products delivered. Quality products and excellent customer service..

Review №10

Great selection of African and particularly Nigerian food ingredients. A bit pricey though, maybe because it's wholesale. Good for occasional shopping to stock up

Review №11

Nice place for afro-carribean food

Review №12

Bought fresh suya outside the shop - lovely taste, and very friendly folk

Review №13

All in one place. Great stuff !

Review №14

One stop shop for African staple food in Birmingham and their Suya is not bad as well. I just want to add that they offer fast and reliable online delivery service too!

Review №15

Good customer service, resolved service related issues quickly.

Review №16

Please try and be patient waiting outside in the sun in this Covid times, but I had a light bulb moment as I bumped into numerous people I know while shopping. This place is a 5 star hub for Nigerians to see each other and share some elbow bumpings

Review №17

My one stop for everything African food stuffs and items..pop in and shop all the way.

Review №18

Clean & safe place to shop and staffs are always friendly. I will reccomend this place to friends and family.

Review №19

Nice at least able to buy African food but expensive.

Review №20

That bad esp the suya

Review №21

Great prices

Review №22

Good place to shop for African food

Review №23

I was amazed at what I saw at the store, home away from home. Fully naija.

Review №24

The service was excellent.

Review №25

Listen, you cant tell me what review to give, if people come here to give fake review, then that's there probs, a review should be the fact, how many star I give depends on how I feel as a customer. I can drive to anywhere I like for shopping that isn't your problem even if its 1pence, it's my money, my time and my energy. I have made reviews on lots of company and I am always truthful about it and non of them has ever attacked me for giving bad review or good review, rather they calm down, explain the situation and promise to make a difference even if they won't do it immediately. this is one thing about our African myopic business mind, attacking someone because the fact has been said about your business. No one is calling business owner slave, it's a review and get grip of that and deal with it in a professional way, not bad mouthing/ attacking a customer for driving from anywhere because of pennies, if it's just 30p as you said, why don't you give it to customers?, since its nothing to you as a business.

Review №26

Since we moved from London Samis wholesale African food has been more of a saviour to not just my stomach but that of my little daughter who loves African food just like me.. I find everything I need in one roof and in very good quality.... And the staff's... oh my... Very friendly..... Trust me I have no regrets stopping be

Review №27

Samis the closest African shop to me.

Review №28

Amazing range of quality foods. Fresh frozen and dried. The suya is beautiful too. Staff are friendly and very helpful .

Review №29

Nice place to find African groceries. It also offers delicious roasted meat, fried fish and so much more.Great customer service, quality products at great prices.

Review №30

African food shopping made easy....

Review №31

A nice lovely place to shop for all your African food.

Review №32

Only place in Birmingham to get your home foods!

Review №33

Great Store to purchase your groceries.

Review №34

Being in B'ham for over 2years now ì didn't realize ì missed such good place to shop until bout a week ago that a friend brought me in and ì was like WoW man ì finally found Africa in UK. +"We even made two new friends shopping in there!" ...we won't stop shopping at Sami's fr!

Review №35

I love Samis. Good and friendly staff.

Review №36

We came across this excellent shop by accident after parking our car at the start of a walk up the Fazeley canal towpath into central Birmingham.Visiting Samis cash & carry for an unadventurous traveller like myself is like a mini trip to Africa itself, with an amazing selection of novel, interesting food & drinks.The best part for me was the very friendly staff, (and customers!) who advised us in choosing our goods.Outside there is a barbeque selling chicken, beef, and Tilapia. It was the wonderful smell from the BBQ that led us to the shop initially.We came out with a small selection of items, including hot fish patties, which were delicious.Well worth a visit

Review №37

Just moved to Birmingham from London & I was dreading trips to London to get foodstuff. I went to the Wholesale market my 1st weekend & bought loads by the box that cost a lot...I soon realised I didn't need to.Sami's has as much variety as is offered in London, so much that I could even get tasty meat, fish & chicken pies. The prices are very competitive & close enough to London prices. I was also pleased to find my favourite tilapia fish among other things.Website is a wonderful bonus...helped me find the store's location, detailed pictures also helped me know what to expect before I set out to the store 1st time.Sami's is a household name in Birmingham & I'm surprised there aren't many reviews. Africans are always busy I guess. I've come to write a review in case there's anyone like me out there now or in the future afraid they'll starve in Birmingham. Fear not!Thank you Sami's.

Review №38

Very good store. Usually get everything I need.

Review №39

All round good service and great variety of African products under one roof .

Review №40

Great offers, excellent products and prices.Highly recommended.

Review №41

Great food great meat and frozen fish plus the best salt fish in Birmingham

Review №42

Not a bad service but what a shame that they don't really have alot of things in store and on their website and at the end of the day,,I couldn't find what I want and I couldn't buy what I want

Review №43

Good service..

Review №44

Customer service is the meat pepper best

Review №45

Any Nigerian who doesn't know Samis, is that one still Nigerian?Go get your foods and vegetables but don't expect too much!Be ready to part with some few bucks too!

Review №46

Great services and product

Review №47

Come and experience quality foods product

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